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ELECTION: Questions about Initiative 594

Voters should see through Initiative 594 and the money behind it.

The argument is that if background checks are mandatory on all sales of firearms, they won’t fall into the wrong hands. Are you kidding me? Law-abiding citizens who purchase firearms are the only ones who will be affected – adversely.

A Sept. 19 CBS report states that “the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence ranked Massachusetts the third most restrictive state for firearm legislation in 2011. After Massachusetts passed a tough law restricting gun use in 1998, gun ownership rates dropped sharply, but violent crimes and murders increased.”


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GUNS: Harry Reid is right about rich donors

The funding lining up to support Initiative 594 reads like an A-list of the Democratic elite: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, $1 million; Bill and Melinda Gates, $1 million; Nick Hanauer, $1 million; Steve and Connie Ballmer, $600,000; Paul Allen, $500,000.

I personally thought Costco using our state initiative process to change the liquor business was reprehensible, but the funding for I-594 is nothing short of perversion.

It’s my understanding the initiative process was put in place to give the citizens of Washington state an avenue to make or amend laws, not for corporations to increase profit or for wealthy political ideologues to

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CHARTERS: Be wary of those bearing gifts

“Tacoma is on track to become the charter school capital of Washington,” according to an article in The News Tribune (1-30.)

What the Charter School Commission proposes is that our tax dollars go towards privately run enterprises known as charter schools with a learning track record on or below par to what public schools provide.

Just a little research will provide troves of information on the co-opting of our schools into organizations run by corporations. Look at the huge amount of tax dollars provided for public education: $13 billion statewide and $600 billion nationwide. Ask yourself whether or not

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