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PAY: We can’t ignore the global economy

According to the World Bank, more than half the people on Earth live on less than $10 a day. More astonishingly, nutritious, high-quality food costs about the same throughout the world as it does here. Eating well regularly is the daily struggle for most people. Billions of workers would be thrilled to make $10 an hour.

Obviously, the U.S. can’t open its borders and let in these incredibly low-wage workers. We make it very difficult to immigrate here for educated people with no financial assets. Understood.

However, U.S. and foreign-based businesses and corporations can and do hire these $10-a-day workers

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POT: Legalization isn’t a major game-changer

Re: “State’s victory in pot decision will be felt south of the border” (Your Voice, 9-3).

Hold the celebration. It is a pipe dream, excuse the pun, to claim that enactment of Initiative 502 will “break the stranglehold drug cartels have on the marijuana trade.”

As we have witnessed 10 months of regulatory and taxation posturing while our state tries to figure out how to be in the marijuana business, it becomes clear that there is no way that it will establish a system that can compete price-wise with the well-established cartels and their market-based pricing.

Black markets flourish

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HOLDER: Attorney general is guilty

Re: “House action deserving of contempt” (letter, 7-1).

Operation “Fast and Furious” allowed over 2,000 firearms to cross the border into Mexico. Border Agent Brian Terry was killed as a direct result of this gross negligence. The government officials who are responsible for this failed ATF program have not only Terry’s blood on their hands but also that of all the Mexican citizens killed with these weapons.

This is not a political ploy, Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about his involvement and knowledge of “Fast and Furious.”

Kent resident Benedict C. Ladera was recently sentenced to a

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GUNS: ATF seizures hardly a ‘river’ of firearms

Re: “U.S. guns flowing to Mexico” (TNT, 3-6).

I pulled the latest numbers available from the ATF for firearms manufactured in the U.S. in 2009. Excluding exports, the total was 5,230,697. The 2,633 firearms seized by the ATF in the Southwest border states is only .050 percent of that number.

The NRA states there was 250 million privately owned firearms in the U.S. in 2009. Add that to the number manufactured and we get 255,230,697. That knocks the 2,633 seized firearms down to an imperceptible .001031 percent of the total firearms in circulation that year.

I would hardly call that

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MEXICO: Switch vacation from Mexico to Arizona

In response to Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s unseemly lectures to the U.S. Congress Thursday regarding the way we govern ourselves, those of us in the Pacific Northwest who normally vacation in Mexico should reconsider and go to Arizona instead.

Arizona has great weather, a governor who is courageous enough to make difficult decisions, a state legislature that works in harmony and law enforcement officers who, well, enforce the law. A nice change.


MEXICO: Calderon speech disgraceful

I am outraged an appalled at Mexico’s President for coming to Washington and denouncing Arizona, our laws and our Constitution in our own house. I equally outraged at President Obama and many members of Congress who not only allowed these insults but gave a standing ovation.

Mexico has no business dictating any our internal policy, and it is hypocritical of its president, Felipe Calderon, to condemn Arizona’s law while his own country was cited last month by Amnesty International for immigrant abuses.

Calderon wrongly claims that American gun stores along the border are responsible for his country’s plague of violence.

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IMMIGRATION: Laws should be fully enforced

The persons who are in this country illegally, and those who would support their illegal actions, have a lot of nerve protesting against the laws of the very citizens who have been subjected to their illegal activities, their importation of drug and gang related crimes, and theft of government services. America has always extended a benevolent hand to those who would LEGALLY seek residency and citizenship within our borders.

A clear immigration policy and stringently enforced process is necessary to ensure that Americans are protected from the criminals that other countries are glad to ship out of their borders, and

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IMMIGRATION: How about boycotting Mexico travel?

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon criticized the recent passage of the Arizona immigration bill. He must have forgotten most of the illegal immigrants in the United States are from Mexico.

Maybe before he criticize Arizona’s laws he should take stock of how he is running his own country. Why are his people fleeing their homeland? What does Mexico have to offer its citizens?

I encourage American citizens to stop taking vacations to Mexico. Maybe that would give Calderon something to think about.