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TACOMA: Park bond scope too broad

We Tacoma residents love our parks; however, the scope of the current park proposition is too broad and too expensive. A reasonable undertaking would be to fund the aquarium, the polar bear and Rocky Shores exhibits and replace water pipes for Point Defiance. These are time-critical “must-do” projects. The total cost for these projects would be $71 million, rather than the $198 million that is being proposed. Priority should also be given to the Ruston Way waterfront parks and the Prairie Line Trail, as these areas bring people directly to our restaurants, shops and museums thereby generating tax revenue and

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TACOMA: Metro Parks bond costs too high

There are two large issues with the late April Metro Parks bond issue proposal. First, if approved, the new assessment would be a 50 percent tax increase from the current Parks levy.

The second issue is that Metro Parks currently covers 86 percent of the medical premium costs for employees. This is not a reasonable or sustainable expense for the taxpayers to support long term.

I suggest the voters ask themselves the question, “Do I want to pay this increased tax assessment for the next 28 years?”