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METH: THA protecting children and families

Re: “Meth tests lead agency to evict” (TNT, 9-4).

As a six-year resident of Salishan in a Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) property, I was saddened by the story, complete with a picture of a forlorn-looking child and predictable comments about how could anyone treat children that way.

A more useful question to ask: Should THA continue to let meth users live in government-subsidized housing, poisoning their lives, their children’s and everyone around them?

I am familiar with four families who were evicted after positive meth tests; 13 of their children spent time at my home. They were often hungry,

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METH: Drug abuse doesn’t belong in criminal system

Your editorial (TNT, 12-13) warning not to forget the much more dangerous meth as we venture into a world where pot is legal is right on.

As you say, there is a real danger of the cartels’ greater involvement – but really only because it’s illegal. The true change in thinking about marijuana is a recognition that it needs to be treated as a health problem, not a criminal offense. Using the criminal system to address drug use only makes the problem worse.

Proponents of using the criminal system continue to fantasize about a world where no one uses

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