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MENTAL HEALTH: Care denied to mentally ill

Re: “No vacancy, no excuse for Western State to deny care” (TNT, 3-10).

Care of the mentally ill is not a priority of our state’s legislators, as accurately described in your front-page article. Washington’s mentally ill, who cannot care for themselves, receive haphazard treatment or none at all. Although relatively few are a danger to society, most are victims rather than perpetrators.

As the parent for 30 years of a daughter suffering from schizophrenia, I know firsthand the pain and suffering of mental illness. My daughter was fortunate, however, to receive enlightened care at several state hospitals and group

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GUNS: Focus on preventing gun-related crimes

Re: “Proposal treats symptoms, not causes” (letter, 2-14).

This letter has me scratching my head. It would seem that the writer’s solution to the problem of guns is to punish criminals after they have gotten a gun and committed a crime. Apparently the idea of preventing a criminal or mentally ill person from obtaining a gun is to be avoided at all costs.

Might I suggest another idea along that same line: Don’t allow the installation of fire hydrants until the house is on fire.

After years of working in McNeil Island, I am of the opinion that far

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SHOOTING: How do we resolve to do better?

As a mother and teacher, I join America in being deeply troubled that a human being can stand in front of children and shoot. I have heard many people ask where God was on Dec. 14 and place blame. The finger points at the human heart, and laws won’t change that. We don’t know much about the Lanza family, but I would like to suggest we consider the following points as we make our resolutions.

• Men need to make their wife and children their paramount responsibility. There is no safer place for a child than in a family where

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SHOOTING: It’s time to talk about guns, violence, mental illness

It is time.

People from different parts of Tacoma gathered at Immanuel Presbyterian Church Tuesday night for a quiet service of remembrance. There were no speeches or sermons, just silence, chants and readings. It was a gentle time for reflection and shared grief.

Like other faith communities, ours was hit hard by the events in Connecticut. Newtown’s shootings brought back raw memories of the October murder of church member and friend Rob Meline by a son who struggled with mental illness.

A service of quiet prayer and meditation was appropriate Tuesday. But it is time to do more. It is

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SHOOTING: Mental illnesses aren’t all the same

With the horror of the shootings in Connecticut, mental illness and the difficulty in getting treatment is getting a lot of exposure. I just wish that all forms of mental illness were not being painted with the same brush.

I have suffered with depression for many years. The only person I’m likely to harm is myself. I know many other people with the same problem, but right now, I feel like I’m one of those being blamed for murders, just about daily.

To say that a person has a mental illness is just too general. Yes, all form of mental

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SHOOTING: More resources needed for mental health

The recent horrible mass killings in Connecticut and other states are heartbreaking, and we mourn for the victims and their families. While the details of the mass killings differ, they have one thing in common: the shooter is believed to be mentally ill.

While the vast majority of mentally ill persons are not violent, studies show that persons with untreated mental disorders accompanied by substance abuse do pose a danger. We often receive calls from family members who are afraid that their loved one will kill them or someone else but are unable to obtain treatment.

There is no easy

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MENTAL ILLNESS: Bias can isolate and silence

Re: “Open dialogue can tear down walls of misunderstanding about mental illness” (Your Voice, 7-27).

Alan Taylor spoke of a community that is closed to those of us who struggle or have struggled alone with the sometimes confusing reality of mental illness. I have lived through that kind of shunning and abuse that has come with my diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder, which is a combination of bipolar illness and schizophrenia.

Members of my family and church who have perhaps witnessed my behavior in a time of illness or who have merely heard about those times have chosen to not

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GUNS: Deeper problem is mental illness

Re:”Tougher gun laws probably won’t stop spree killers” (David Brooks column, 7-26).

Gasp! This political left-winger is agreeing with Brooks.

Gun control laws are not effective, as the Centers for Disease Control has shown. The people who carry out spree killings are insane. As Brooks writes, they suffer from severe mental disorders.

What he did not point out is since the 1960s and ’70s, liberals and conservatives in legislatures across the country have made a pact with the devil and closed hundreds if not thousands of mental hospitals, dumping millions suffering from mental problems into the streets of every

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