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MEMORIAL DAY: Honor veterans, don’t glorify

Re: “Veterans continue to inspire through generations” (reader columnist, 5-24).

This over-the-top glorification of war and warriors, sugarcoated as patriotism, is an insult to truth. The 58,000 fallen soldiers of the Vietnam War did not win us freedom or security; they fought and died for stupidity and hubris.

Korea, Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the secret wars our government has conducted behind our backs, were likewise dubious, inglorious subterfuge or outright crime, as witnessed by Congress never bothering to officially declare war in any of these cases.

My father was one of the most highly

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MEMORIAL DAY: A day of remembrance

Something along the way has gone wrong. I moved here in 1989 and was somewhat surprised to find that Memorial Day here does not seem to have the same meaning as it did when I was growing up.

For starters, this newspaper solicits notices to remember loved ones who probably had nothing to do with the original meaning of the day. This is just wrong. While I do realize that people want to remember their loved ones, why not do it on a day that is more appropriate, such as their birthday? To do so on Memorial Day takes just a little bit away from the original meaning of the day. Read more »