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MARIJUANA: We’ve created this legal mess

It is no wonder our cities and counties are struggling to deal with the disparate recreational and the so-called “medical” marijuana laws presently existing in our state.

Partly due to the shortcomings of the referendum process, we have two separate state agencies (professional licensing and liquor control) and two sets of RCWs , and a void in regulation as to location and zoning (left to local entities) in this rapidly expanding enterprise.

Only a few legislators really have a good understanding that the “medical marijuana” side of the equation is fraught with quackery, black market selling and the economics of

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MARIJUANA: Nonmedical use risks outweigh benefits

Chris Crew, a pro-marijuana attorney, said more about himself than his opponents with the quote: “They’re losing out on the taxes. They’re throwing their economy under the bus for a political belief” (TNT, 2-28).

Apparently he’s motivated more by money than principles. People are cautious about the proliferation of nonmedical marijuana because the risks outweigh any benefit.

As a hospital social worker, I’m alarmed at the casual use by many pregnant women and secondhand exposure to children, as studies show infant and adolescent exposure increases the potential harm.

I think this is a social experiment that we’re going to

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MARIJUANA: Editorial resorts to hyperbole

Re: “A second chance to get medical marijuana right” (editorial, 2-20).

I take issue with a couple of statements in the editorial. The state of Washington adopted a law in November 1998 (Initiative 692), legalizing the use, possession and cultivation of cannabis for patients with a medical certificate. So using the word “medical” like this is simply an attempt to twist the law to fit your “opinion.”

The conclusion I take away from reading past the first paragraph is that yes, there have been abuses of the medical marijuana marketplace over the years. But remember, this is a market

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MARIJUANA: Hype over medical benefits?

The articles about medical marijuana reference the many medical benefits of the drug or make one think that there are many benefits. But I have many questions about the true medical benefits of the drug. Questions that come to mind are as follows:

• What are the real benefits?

• What are the negative consequences of the drug?

• How many users have a real health problem that the drug assists?

• How many users of medical marijuana are registered?

• What health problems qualify for marijuana drug use?

• What number of medical marijuana dispensaries are necessary?

• What

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POT: Patients need real medical marijuana

My husband has Friedreich’s Ataxia. His lungs are compromised. He has constant, severe nerve pain and leg spasms. His doctor said more Oxycodone would not help his pain, but medical marijuana would.

Two people have told me that we need CBD (cannabidiol), not THC (the stuff that gets you high). I have also heard that most marijuana in the U.S. has had the CBD bred out of it because it didn’t get you high.

In Israel they are raising medical marijuana that has high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. My husband needs a liquid or pill to

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TACOMA: Medical pot dispensaries are a joke

Re: “City’s caution irritates medical pot retailers” (TNT, 7-23).

I used to smoke pot years ago. I liked it, but I quit because it was making me stupid.

I work very close to a medical marijuana dispensary. I voted to allow these dispensaries to exist because I believed people who need pot for medical reasons should have access to it. Now I regret my vote.

I see tons of people in their 20s pulling up to buy pot to get high. They come in cars loaded with all the people who are going to get high off the pot

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TACOMA: Legalized sales of pot are preferable

Re:”Will Tacoma council protect pot shops’ neighbors?” (editorial, 7-24).

Your editorial complains that medical marijuana dispensaries are selling pot to “ordinary dopers” but fails to explain why that’s a problem.

I will concede that legalized marijuana sales that were justified for medical uses are being abused, but I fail to see the problem with that. What do you think “ordinary dopers” look like? They look like your neighbors, your co-workers and any other “ordinary citizens” you might know.

With legalized sales, all proceeds go to legitimate business owners and the state (through taxes). Without legalized sales, all proceeds go

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POT: I-502 could threaten federal contracts

Re: Initiative 502.

Legalization of marijuana in Washington state for recreational use will unquestionably have detrimental effects on employers, the citizens and ultimately the long-term viability of the state economy. Marijuana use is illegal by federal statute.

If passed into law, I-502 will place employers in an untenable position between state and federal laws. For example, employers that are subject to the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 may lose their ability to bid on federal contracts or receive federal grants. This will have a direct negative economic impact on firms that rely on federal contracts or grants and

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