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MEDIA: Stop misleading with ‘unarmed teen’

Which of the following sounds like an unjustified homicide? “Police officer kills unarmed teen” or “Police officer kills violent man”?

The first, of course. That’s how many media outlets, including The News Tribune, repeatedly described the Michael Brown death (18-year-old). Ditto the Tony Robinson death in Madison (19-year-old).

Many assume that “unarmed” means harmless. Nonsense. Unarmed people can kill. An unarmed person can also attempt to wrest a gun from a police officer (as Brown did) and then use that gun. In 2002, King County Deputy Sheriff Richard Herzog was killed in this way.

That’s why the media should focus

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SHOOTING: Protect kids from media intrusion

Another horrific school shooting with loss of life, critical injuries, a traumatized student body, staff and families. Marysville. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

It is reprehensible that networks send reporters to stick microphones under the noses of traumatized kids asking them to relive the trauma with their probing questions, all in the name of keeping the public informed. These kids are in a state of shock. They haven’t had time to process what has happened.

Processing trauma is an extremely delicate matter. Only trained professionals and clergy should be talking with these victims, not the media. Interviewing kids

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SHOOTING: How did teen get access to gun?

National and local media coverage have been extensive of this latest tragic case of a child bringing a loaded firearm to school and killing other students. Questions not asked by the media, or apparently by anyone else, however, are how this boy was able to get access to a loaded firearm and how he was able to take it to school.

Yes, the media must be sensitive to the pain that this latest tragedy has caused to all the families. And the media absolutely must not rush to judgment; we must have the facts before any conclusions can be drawn.

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FERGUSON: Media are misportraying the facts

Reporting on Ferguson, the press repeats the words “unarmed black teenager” and “white policeman” as if there were no other appropriate descriptions of the two.

Photos of Michael Brown show a baby-faced kid rather rather than a 6-foot-4”, 300-pound man posing like a gangster. Video of Brown robbing a store and assaulting a concerned citizen is dismissed as irrelevant and decried as incendiary. Looters and rioters are referred to as “protesters.”

The press has consistently portrayed the shooting as a racist travesty. Black Americans are victimized by systemic racism virtually every day of their lives, and police are often the perpetrators

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IMMIGRATION: Writer reflects far-left propaganda

Re: “Kids aren’t political fodder” (Viewpoint, 7-3).

Rather than setting the tone for thoughtful deliberations aimed at meaningful solutions, Professor Maria Chavez has chosen propaganda over informed analysis regarding the problems of border security.

In reporting the tragic plight of children who are crossing our borders illegally, she questions the motives of Americans in our “xenophobic” immigration debate. The crisis on our borders has been brewing for many years largely because Congress is a body that responds to crises, rather than acts proactively to head them off.

As for the American public, the largest group of which consider themselves

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MEDIA: Depends on whose ox is being gored, doesn’t it?

Re: “Government shouldn’t monitor media” (Off the wire, 2-26).

This Walla Walla Union-Bulletin editorial is outraged, as it should be, at the mere suggestion that the federal government might monitor how media outlets gather news – First Amendment and all of that.

Isn’t it revealing, however, how the sphinxlike liberal media utters not a word about the bull in the china shop that is the Obama administration? I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored. In the meantime, the Obama administration gores its way through 25 rules of law, including religious freedom, separation of powers and much of

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MEDIA: Distractions replace real news

When I turn on network news, or go to the top news websites, I notice that our media have replaced thinking with celebrity and history with spectacle.

So-called journalists spend 24/7 on 2 inches of snow in Atlanta, Justin Bieber, Dennis Rodman’s drinking problems, a bridge closing in Jersey, or Woody Allen’s sex life. But there is virtually no coverage of historical transformations in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Ukraine or China; the ultimate terror of pollution in our sea, sky and food; the ongoing threat of radiation from failed nuclear power plants; the rape of the Earth by the natural

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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Media hypocrisy is showing

Re: “Something’s not so ducky in reality TV land” (Kathleen Parker column, 12-26).

Parker chose to denigrate “Duck Dynasty” leader Phil Robertson for his recent comments regarding homosexuals. She implied he was a hick, and his biblical quotes proved it.

I don’t remember Parker or any progressive media commentator being incensed by Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” photo that made the art circuit in 1987. Also, where was the liberal writers’ outrage over the mixed media “Holy Virgin Mary” created by Chris Ofili (1996), which included varnished elephant dung coupled with collaged pornographic images?

However, there were cries for our

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