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MEDIA: KIRO biased against Tacoma and Pierce County

M. “Morf” Morford’s recent Your Voice article (8-13)  about Tacoma’s heritage reminded me of an ongoing problem Tacoma and Pierce County have with TV stations in Seattle, particularly with KIRO-TV, Channel 7.

KIRO consistently attempts to use news stories to put down Tacoma and Pierce County. For example, a short time ago there was a news piece on KIRO’s evening broadcast about some sexual shenanigans down in Olympia. To describe the location visually to the viewers, KIRO used a map of Western Washington showing Olympia, the location of the incident. For some odd reason, the only other image on

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MEDIA: Arrogant analysis of the Boston bombing

We now know who the murderers re who planted the bombs killing and injuring innocent people at the Boston Marathon. Until now we have been treated to the arrogant media – print and electronic – telling us that the culprits are most likely right-wingers who are angry at the government because of taxes (MSNBC). Or the fervent hope that the perp was a white man and not a Muslim (Slate).

Really? It reminds me of the instant analysis on ABC that the shooter at the Colorado movie theater might have ties with the tea party. Or that the shooting in

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MEDIA: No wonder media, teachers are liberal

I have often wondered why the great majority folks in the news media seem to lean so far to the political left, and I am happy to report that I now have the answer.

The great majority of college profs have spent most of their post-high-school years in universities earning their degrees to become qualified to teach at that level and have had very little if any experience working in the private sector. So it is common for them to sit in their ivory towers and preach their liberal “nanny-state” philosophy to their students because they have never had to

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TNT: Liberal bias is all too obvious

Why don’t I subscribe to The News Tribune anymore? Its liberal bias disgusts me.

I walked by a News Tribune paper box at a retail store on the day after Super Tuesday and glanced at the front-page headline. It said, “Romney barely wins key Ohio primary.”

The real political news of the day was obvious: that Romney won six of 10 Super Tuesday contests, including Ohio, or that he more than doubled his delegate lead over Rick Santorum, and quadrupled his lead over the third-place challenger.

But you liberals can’t report the news accurately anymore. You love to put a

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MEDIA: Article biased against conservatives

Re: “Billionaire brothers face investing charge” (TNT, 7-31).

The article about the charges the billionaire brothers Wylys face seemed more interested in pointing out their support for conservative candidates and causes than the charges.

It’s understandable that their support for conservative candidates and causes be pointed out, but almost half the article was devoted to that alone, in which it identified, by name, 11 individuals they had contributed to.

After reading the article, I couldn’t help but think that the reporter who wrote it had some bias in his reporting.