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McNEIL ISLAND: Why not sell it?

With the prison now closed, why can’t the state sell all or part of the island to developers or whomever and use the proceeds to offset the state budget deficit?

With a bridge from the Key Peninsula to the island, it could become another Fox Island and increase the tax base for Pierce County for many decades to come.


McNEIL: Closure will be a costly waste

I am furious about the cold closure of McNeil Island.

Have we so quickly forgotten about the troubles with vandalism and squatters at the old Western State Hospital buildings? Am I the only one who recalls those news stories?

We will see this cycle: crime, drugs and squatters, followed by lawsuits for injuries and creating an attractive nuisance. Then will come the EPA-forced cleanup of the rotting structures. Taxpayers pay for it all.

The article said it would cost $500,000 to keep those buildings in restorable condition. Our state can’t find anyone to lease those buildings and site? There are

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MCNEIL: How will we pay for ‘money-saving’ step?

Re: “Shuttered island” (TNT, 2-13).

Several experts have told our Legislature that closing McNeil Island Corrections Center will cost more than it saves, yet the closure is happening anyway. The money saved by one state agency (Department of Corrections) will be transferred to another (Department of Social and Health Services) as it cover the services at the Special Commitment Center currently provided by corrections center inmates.

We all know that when all is said and done the closure will cost more than the savings; it always does. Where will the needed money come from? Where it always does – education.

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MCNEIL: Absurd to spend more to keep SCC on island

While I am very pleased that our state is closing down the correction center on McNeil Island (TNT, 2-13), I am shocked that it is spending more money to keep the Special Commitment Center open.

It will cost the SCC $5.6 million more to offset the contribution the inmates provided? Absurd.

Of course it will cost money to send the 286 SCC people to a land facility, but in the end it will save more money to shut down the entire island. It’s time that our state looked at total costs and stopped the half-minded decisions.