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ELECTION: That ‘gimmick’ has bipartisan support

Gimmicks and catchy one-liners have always been part of the political landscape, but Jay Inslee’s recent TV ad criticizing one aspect of Rob McKenna’s education plan is downright shameful and without merit.

Inslee attacks McKenna’s so-called “tax swap” idea, calling it “just a gimmick.” Others call it a serious, necessary part of the conversation to address the recent state Supreme Court decision that requires adequate statewide funding for public education and less of a reliance on local levies.

McKenna’s “gimmick” is supported by education leaders as an innovative idea to address education funding. It is a responsible, measured approach that

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ELECTION: Inslee off-base on education ‘gimmick’

Peter Callaghan’s column (TNT, 10-18) highlights Jay Inslee’s refusal to respond in any meaningful way to a central element of this year’s state Supreme Court ruling in McCleary v. State – the requirement to address inequities in the current local levy system for funding public schools.

Inslee characterizes the bipartisan effort to address these inequities as a “gimmick.” Either he does not understand the impact of grossly inequitable levy rates on thousands of our state’s students or he doesn’t care. Does Inslee lack the courage to confront the unjust system because it might cost him votes in property-rich districts

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