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MAY DAY: Where was TNT coverage?

Last Friday, May Day, the local evening news on each channel was full of coverage of protest and police activity in Seattle. As I often do, the next morning I searched The News Tribune for fuller coverage of the event. Not a word!

A similar event in Baltimore was fully covered, and there were many events, seeingly less important, near and far, that received coverage. On Sunday there was an article and picture in Section B, provided by the Associated Press; there it was reported that there were May Day activities in Tacoma.

Apparently neither event merited a local reporter’s

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MAY DAY: Baltimore has no monopoly on knuckleheads

Oh, good, it’s that time of year again to celebrate May Day. That’s May 1 for all of you who couldn’t care less, myself included.

It’s time to show the whole country, or world for that matter, that Baltimore isn’t the only place that has its share of knuckleheads but that they are appropriately distributed throughout the whole country with the proposed marches, riots and property destruction planned for the day.

Happy May Day, I think?


MAY DAY: Seattle is Disneyland for progressives

Right on queue, Seattle’s May Day march devolved into street theater as ninja hipsters grabbed their iPhone5’s, Guy Fawkes masks, black flags and Nike sneakers and descended on downtown to flip off anybody who asked them to articulate the reasons behind their “anti-capitalist” march against the Man.

Do the irony-challenged realize they are protesting on a safe little bubble of a progressive theme park? Seattle is a sanctuary city that celebrates a statue of Lenin, has a socialist-driven city hall pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage and has relentlessly driven cars out of the city by replacing roads

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MAY DAY: Seattle police woefully unprepared

Occupy (name the city) has been so emboldened this last year that it loudly announced its intentions to disrupt and destroy in the name of the “oppressed” 99 percent. Obviously it intention was to hijack another peaceful march set to observe May Day and immigrant labor.

So how could Seattle cops look so woefully and inadequately prepared to protect an area they are charged to serve? Total mayhem reigned, and businesses and taxpayers are again on the hook to pick up the pieces.



TACOMA: TNT failed to report peaceful May Day here

I was proud to be at the peaceful May Day event in Tacoma Tuesday. There we heard about those who have lost their jobs, those who have lost their homes and the protest by workers at St. Joseph Medical Center in their effort to negotiate in good faith with the hospital’s management.

We learned about Move to Amend, an organization seeking to overturn the Supreme Court decision on corporate “personhood” and the assault on our democracy. All this while while eating food off the grill and listening to local musicians Steve and Kristi Nebel. No bricks, no bats, just the

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MAY DAY: A day of sunlight and music

Have a blessed May Day, full of sunlight and music.

May you transcend both Left and Right today, and occupy your heart. May the policeman walk barefoot in the weeds and carve his useless billy stick into a flute. May the anarchist take off his mask and smile with courage from the heart. May the march become a dance, a dance of universal peace. May the long hungry line, and the long angry line, become circles.

May your dance carry you not back into old paths, but into a new path. May you be the path you walk.

May the

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