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MAUREEN DOWD: Hatred of Hillary Clinton is evident

Please, News Tribune, no more psycho-babble by Maureen Dowd regarding the honorable Hillary Clinton (TNT, 5-8).

Must we continue to read Dowd’s hatred of Hillary Clinton, which was evident when she was running for the Democratic primary? There is so much good to say about Hillary I wonder why your paper continues to show her in a negative light. The picture was as bad as the article. Let’s play fair and have a little equality in your choice of reporters.


PARKER: Commentator mocks those with traditional values

Re: “An issue full of smoke and noise – but not much actual fire” (Kathleen Parker column, 4-14).

Parker demonstrates her deep misunderstanding of the convictions held dear by many American, particularly followers of traditional religious values. Parker, who allegedly is a conservative, is as likely a candidate as Maureen Dowd to seriously reflect this perspective.

Conservatives, many of whom are actively religious, are understandably upset about left-brain-dominant intellectuals like Parker who minimize the effects the administration’s policies have on their religious expression. These commentators, rather than discussing the merits of issues, choose instead to make light of opposing

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HEALTH CARE: Most of us want law repealed

Re: “Impartiality of Supreme Court smothered by politics” (TNT, 4-5).

When I read this commentary by Maureen Dowd (while waiting in an office for an appointment), it reminded me why I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper for three decades. Dowd is just one of the “talking heads” who is tunnel-visioned and repeats what most of the news media and TV commenters say.

To them, anything that deviates from their liberal, politically correct view is politics of the wrong sort. If she were to take the blinders off, she would realize that most of what is going on in Washington,

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SUPREME COURT: Dowd’s histrionics partly true

Re: “Impartiality of Supreme Court smothered by politics” (TNT, 4-5).

Most of Maureen Dowd’s histrionic tirade against the Supreme Court deserves no comment. Indeed, it deserved no publication.

Dowd comes close to the truth on one point, however. The court’s decisions (and its powers, by the way) are shaped by a “political handbook” of sorts. We call it the Constitution of the United States of America.