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MATH: Many reasons add up for students

Re: “Don’t let math keep student from graduating” (letter, 6-21).

Why does math matter? Just for starters:

• Life changes. Those pursuing jobs that don’t involve higher math may change their minds and need that math knowledge later on.

• Life is complex. Learning math improves a student’s ability to understand complexity. Math uses your analytical brain. Students need to learn to use all parts of their brain.

• Life is full of problems. Not just math problems. We all deal with thousand of little problems, and sometimes big problems, each day. Math teaches you to be a better

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EDUCATION: Math graduation requirements just don’t add up

We need to subtract some math requirements that just don’t add up before the problem multiplies and divides our opinions even more.

We all use basic arithmetic skills when we shop, balance our checkbooks and solve a great variety of day-to-day problems, but in my opinion, requiring algebra as a high school graduation requirement borders on cruel and unusual punishment.

Students who want post-arithmetic skills should be able to take all of the higher math classes they want, but why saddle those who don’t want to take them with skills that 99.9 percent of them will never need or use?

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MATH: Where’s acclaim for superb students?

Re: “Praising math successes part of fostering big change” (TNT, 4-24).

I’m a volunteer math mentor for students struggling to pass the state math test in order to graduate, so I read Professor Katie Baird’s column with interest.

Almost every time I volunteer in a math class, I hear the complaint from a student, “I don’t need to know math.” I explain that even if you aren’t planning to be a mathematician or a scientist, math teaches you logic and problem-solving skills that you will use in any walk of life.

Our society has it backwards. We heap praise

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