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COUNTY: Proposed site lacks transit options

Pierce County is extremely shortsighted by selecting the Puget Sound Hospital site for its campus.

Currently, there are only two transit options to this site: Pierce Transit buses 1 and 53. Conversely, the urban core of Tacoma has 18 Pierce Transit buses, two Sound Transit buses and three buses that serve Pierce and Thurston counties. The Tacoma Link light rail is posed to expand from the urban core to the Stadium and Hilltop neighborhoods. We taxpayers are paying $133 million for this Link expansion.

Why are we taxpayers paying for a Class A, $90 million building that is not accessible to all the citizens

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TRANSIT: South Sound needs strong advocates

The celebratory parade for the Seattle Seahawks Wednesday showed how lacking public transportation is in the South Sound.

We arrived early for the Sounder train, and it was already over capacity. The lines for the Sounder buses were exceedingly long.

We drove to Sea-Tac and parked at a commercial lot. The lines for the Link light rail were unbelievable. The line snaked across the sky bridge and wound all through the airport parking garage to the other side. A man went to the front and asked people how long they had been waiting. It was over two hours.

The other

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LAKEWOOD: Corridor needs big-picture approach

Re: “Lakewood wants ruling on train routes, not a trial” (TNT, 1-9).

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord/Lakewood/Interstate 5 corridor needs some long-term visionaries to come together and solve the multiple issues that are going to cost us taxpayers a lot of money and heartache.

Don’t you love trains? Apparently one group does, one does not, one only wants transit trains. Everyone wants a cross-base highway, more lanes on I-5, new overpasses, better access and no tolls – but no one has any money. Everyone speaks of safety of the intersections, but no one has solutions. People who live there want

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TRANSIT: Consumers can vote with their wallets

Last fall, we had the option to support Pierce Transit with .03 percent sales tax increase, which I supported. Many car dealerships came out against Proposition 1 and made financial contributions to the opposition campaign. Their stance was that with the increase, potential customers would shop at dealers where the sales tax rate is lower.

As one who believes I can also vote with my wallet, I checked the state Public Disclosure Commission’s website to see which dealers made contributions. Now that I’m in the market for a new truck, those that decided to make their political views public and

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BUSES: Support Prop. 1 – and future change

I’m voting yes on Pierce Transit Proposition 1, but I’m not really excited about it. On one side it’s curbing taxes and employee costs, and the other side it’s preserving transit for our young people and community safety net.

The fact sheet prepared by the board of commissioners for Proposition 1 is brimming with gloom and doom but is absolutely nil on strategic vision. I believe that this stems from the structural makeup of the board itself. How can “elected officials representing Pierce County, Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup, University Place, and one non-voting union representative,” busy with their own budgets and

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BUSES: Economy needs public transportation

If Pierce Transit Proposition 1 fails on Nov. 6, there will be absolutely no buses on weekends and a 7 p.m. cut-off Monday through Friday.

What about all of the swing-shifters? What will they do? They will lose their jobs!

That alternative is unthinkable and will damage the economy of Pierce County. Many people depend on the bus. Critics fail when they start talking about the salaries of a few managers at Pierce Transit. This proposition is about the welfare and well-being of all riders who need Pierce Transit, not the income of a few of its employees.

I ride

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BUSES: Pierce Transit tax a costly ride for all

Why is Pierce Transit trying to raise the sales tax during a recession? If Proposition 1 passes, everyone will pay. We will have some of the highest sales taxes in the state.

This could lead to unintended consequences. Auto dealers could see folks purchase cars elsewhere, businesses could experience sales drops and the financially fragile would pay the same increase as other folks.

Pierce Transit says the proposed increase is only 3 cents on a $10 purchase. This could average $80 or more annually, yet Pierce Transit is holding millions in cash reserves, according to its 2012 budget. Pierce Transit

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BUSES: Transit connects people to jobs, education

When I was 14, I got a youth bus pass for my birthday. I got to see parts of Tacoma that I had never seen before, like Proctor and Old Town. I was free to go to the local library at will, without needing to ask my parents for a ride.

When I was a little older, I did Running Start at Tacoma Community College, where I took college classes for free. Thanks to frequent midday bus service, I was able to attend both high school and college classes each day. I wasn’t the only young person doing this. After

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