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TNT: Logical disconnect on the front page

Did anyone else note the irony of two front-page articles in the May 15 News Tribune?

One decries the absurd media coverage of a kerfluffle between a Utah city and a homeowner over a front-yard box fort he had constructed for his children. The second is a serious article about the local middle school dance dress code and how wronged a student felt because she was made to cover her shoulders.

Both these issues could have been settled quietly, using common sense. Neither was important enough to be elevated to the public stage.


ATTIRE: Stop focusing on female attire

The front-page story (TNT, 5-15) about girls at Mason Middle School petitioning to change the school dress code brought back such memories. In 1968, my school in Illinois, where it can be minus 20 degrees in the winter, prohibited girls from wearing pants to school.

When I was told to “go home and change,” I came back in a different pair of pants and was suspended.

The point has not yet sunk in, it seems. Female attire is entirely too much the focus of authoritarian regimes, whether it is the Taliban requiring the wearing of burkhas or the vice principal

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TACOMA: Right idea, wrong neighborhood

Re: “Mixed-use projects are tools in fight against sprawl” (editorial, 3-28).

It is difficult to see what “sprawl” will be prevented with the proposed construction of Proctor 28. The Proctor District has been largely unchanged for the past 50 years.

Proctor 28 is sprawl. It will introduce a six-story structure right next to Mason Middle School, a two-story parking garage, and 135 cars pouring out onto an already crowded two-lane road. There are drainage problems already on 28th Street in the fall and winter.

This development will fundamentally change the community and is nothing more than a way to

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