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BIOMASS: Incinerator doesn’t make sense

We live in Mason County because it has clean air and water (mostly). I just can’t see allowing a biomass incinerator, spewing particulates too small to see, to take that away from us.

Why send our federal stimulus dollars to a French company (AREVA), partnered with a North Carolina company (Duke Energy of Hanford), incorporated in Maryland, that will sell the energy to California?

This project makes no business sense without federal and state subsidies. I just can’t see it.


BIOMASS: Do the math on proposed plant

Adage/Areva is proposing a biomass plant in Mason County that will collect feedstock from a 50- to 75-mile radius. Its website describes slash piles and using “that clean wood residue” and converting 600,000 green tons per year into electricity. It referenced a biomass inventory that estimates 2.4 million green tons of clean woody biomass is produced each year in Mason and Grays Harbor counties.

However, if you look closely at the inventory, which was funded by Ecology and is at www.pacificbiomass.org, logging residue from these two counties is only 253,568 tons. Even if you combine all forestry biomass (logging residue, forest thinning, mill residue and land-clearing debris) for the two counties, it is only 1.2 million tons and 970,976 of that is mill residue. Read more »