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ELECTION: Connelly didn’t take the easy way out

I am the interim executive director of the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association. I have read the attacks by those supporting the Jeannie Darneille campaign with interest (TNT, 7-30).

I think it is important to point out that Jack Connelly had informed the association that he could not remain on the board, but then came back to assist it when the problems arose with the grant which Brian Ebersole and others had obtained from the Legislature.

Connelly returned and then stayed on after he learned of the problems even though a lot of people left. His firm has

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ELECTION: Connelly tried to help Hilltop agency

Since no one is saying it, I want to thank Jack Connelly for all of the volunteer work he has done for the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association. He stepped forward and tried to help this entity and stayed with it after it fell victim to the economic crisis and nearly everyone else left.

Connelly’s law firm, of which I am a member, has represented the housing association pro-bono in an attempt to keep it afloat. He is now being attacked by individuals supporting the Jeannie Darneille campaign. This is being done without regard to the efforts Connelly has

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