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MARS HILL: The 253 can show its hospitality

Some weeks ago, The News Tribune ran a series of stories about the inhospitable treatment Mars Hill Church has received here in Tacoma. Activists who opposed the church’s view on gay marriage protested Mars Hill’s planned fundraising dinner. Dinner was canceled and the local restaurant hosting them withdrew the usage of its facility.

We, the people of Life Center, believe this was a poor welcome to our community. Whatever our differences, the people of the 253 strive to be polite, civil and friendly to each other. In view of theses events we offered to host our own fundraising spaghetti dinner.

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LIBERALS: Conservatives chilled by bigot label

Many of us who live a quiet and tolerant life are disturbed at the recent current activism accusing us of uneducated bigotry. The recent media is saturated with mostly unchallenged activism issues.

First: George Zimmerman’s unfortunate killing of a young black man. In the judgment of the police Zimmerman was innocent, and the justice system and a jury reached the same verdict. Nevertheless, the activists are demanding further prosecution that will expose Zimmerman to assassination and bankruptcy.

Second: The gays in Tacoma have demonstrated against a conservative Christian church and forced a public facility to refuse them service. Their aggressive

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