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MARRIAGE: The left reveals its intolerance

Re: “Marriage equality war is one GOP can’t win” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 4-9).

The totalitarian mind lives on, always insatiable in its hunger for final solutions. On the subject of marriage equality, Pitts admonishes recalcitrant Republicans to “change your stand, or shut your mouth.”

Can there be a sentiment more chilling and abhorrent to an American citizen? That’s it? Bend your knee to the seeming majority will, or cower in the corner in silence?

All Americans have the right to fully utilize all the constitutional tools at their disposal to advocate their positions on any policy issue before the

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MARRIAGE: Stop making ‘choices’ argument

Re: “Don’t equate marriage, unions” (letter, 2-19).

The writer makes the same argument about lifestyle “choices” that others have made before. My question to people who denounce others in this way is, “Exactly when did you make the choice to be heterosexual?”

Does everyone fill out a pros and cons chart at puberty to choose if they will approach men or women as partners for the rest of their life? Nobody that I have asked has done this. I did not do this. I have always liked women and even had a girlfriend in kindergarten.

The gay people I have

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MARRIAGE: Opponents cite faulty ‘evidence’

Re: “Study finds ‘suboptimal’ results” (letter, 4-9).

It appears that the opposition to marriage equality is clutching at straws. A recent study was cited to “prove” that gay marriage is “suboptimal,” yet the author of the study, Mark Regenerus, has admitted that this study was not actually about gay marriage since only two couples of the 3,000 adults he interviewed were actually in a long term same-sex relationship.

Just for the record, this “scientific study” was heavily funded by the Witherspoon Foundation to attempt to provide “evidence” against same-sex marriage for the current Supreme Court challenge.


MARRIAGE: R-74 victory is bittersweet

I want to thank all the voters here in Washington who supported marriage equality. Words can’t express the gratitude my family and I feel. We are cautiously optimistic that when all the votes are counted, the current lead for approval of Referendum 74 will be sustained, or even surpassed.

Of course, we are elated to know that long-standing discrimination against one minority group will finally be ended: that now gay men and lesbians may have their loving, committed relationships legally recognized and protected; that now they may finally enjoy the same marriage rights that we extend to everyone else, including

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R-74: Marriage equality makes stronger families

My church endorses Referendum 74, which affirms marriage equality. We’re not in the habit of endorsing ballot measures. Indeed, it makes us a bit uncomfortable when the line between church and state gets fuzzy. However, this one was too important to sit on the sidelines, especially when there is so much at stake for our gay and lesbian members, friends and family who seek the right to marry.

Marriage equality is about real people – your neighbors and friends who are willing to declare publicly their mutual trust and commitment. As a society we are better off when couples get

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