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LINDQUIST: Prosecutor being blackballed by media

Re: “Lindquist opponents file recall petition” (TNT, 6-25).

I don’t know Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist personally. I met him at a Roy City Council meeting and spoke with him briefly.

My impression of him was that he was driven to prosecute the worst of the worst offenders among us. He appeared to be a no-nonsense type of guy who expects the same from his employees.

It appears to me there are those within his office that do not appreciate his hard-nosed approach and the work it takes to achieve these high standards. Of course, the liberal media react accordingly by

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LINDQUIST: Is recall decision tainted by endorsements?

Re: “Lindquist opponents file recall petition” (TNT, 6-25).

In October 2014, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist emailed many Pierce County voters with a list of his recommendations of candidates in judicial races. I objected strongly to Lindquist and informed him that I believed this to be unethical behavior.

He responded that it was not unethical and that he was providing a valuable service to voters. Now we learn that a Pierce County Superior Court judge must rule on petition to recall Lindquist.

In a 2014 letter to the editor (TNT, 10-20), I wrote: “I don’t believe justice can be impartial

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LINDQUIST: Prosecutor should step aside

Recent articles about actions taken and allegedly taken by Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist make it clear he should stand down. The allegations include charges of prosecutorial misconduct, unethical behavior, abusive treatment of staff and using government funds for private purposes.

There are too many cases of verified prosecutorial misconduct by his office, especially withholding exculpatory evidence, to believe that they are merely errors. His actions have damaged the credibility of his office. Lindquist should take a leave of absence until investigations by the Washington Bar Association and the Pierce County Human Resources Department are completed.

Lindquist is not alone.

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LINDQUIST: Prosecutor has a viable option

Through his attorney, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist argues that the problem lies with the current state of legislation as to privacy interests and public records. OK. As an elected public official sworn to integrity and truth to the utmost possible degree, he can do the following:

Present all of the records in dispute for an in-camera review, while specifying that he is doing so voluntarily – and without otherwise waiving his legal position that they are protected from disclosure. Let the chips fall where they may.

When the dust has settled, Lindquist can then lead the legislative charge to

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LINDQUIST: Prosecutor’s problems keep growing

Pierce County has expended more than $280,000 to prevent the production of Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist’s private phone records, which we now know he long ago deleted. He concedes the calls were business calls, but claims they are not subject to public disclosure laws because he used his personal phone.

Public records are created for the agency by their employees. Just as an inventor’s work belongs to the company that employs the inventor, the records belong to the agency. The prosecutor can keep his phone, but the data is the county’s.

The Washington Supreme Court may disagree with this simple analogy

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LINDQUIST: Don’t deny public access to records

Re: “Justices wrestle with phone privacy” (TNT, 6-12)

Mark Lindquist was elected by the people to be Pierce County’s prosecutor. It is a public position and subject to the Public Records Act. To allow an official to conduct business on his private phone and tell the public it cannot access those records based on privacy is ludicrous. Those who run for public office are aware that the position is just that: “public.”

Can we think about this logically? If you worked for a company and conducted business on your private phone and there were allegations of bad conduct, wouldn’t you want

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PROSECUTOR: Investigation should begin now

The allegations against the Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist and his management team are merely allegations and not proof of misconduct, but they are serious allegations. If proven, they could lead to findings of abuse of power, Washington Bar Association sanctions for ethical violations up to and including disbarment, civil liability, or criminal prosecution for the misuse of funds and diversion of governmental resources.

Some of the allegations in the whistleblower complaints, if true, could result in criminal convictions. But it will be a slow process. More than 40 witnesses have been named, and more may be identified.

Even if a whistleblower

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TACOMA: Community discussions are vital

I applaud The News Tribune for inviting community leaders in for a discussion (Karen Peterson column, 5-24) to avoid a flare-up that we’ve seen in many other cities recently regarding police and community relations.

Recently, at City Club of Tacoma, we had a program titled “Can Ferguson Happen in Tacoma?” The News Tribune and City Club invited some of the same community leaders, such as Lyle Quasim and Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell. But we had one additional, and in my opinion, key player involved: Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Lindquist was a vital part of our program, lending his

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