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MARINES: SS banner is gossip fodder, not news

In a recent column (TNT, 2-16), Leonard Pitts Jr. writes about a photograph of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan posing with an American flag. Beneath the flag is a banner showing two S-shaped lightning bolts, which 70 years ago was the logo of the Nazi SS.

Media mavens have decided that this is shocking enough to be newsworthy. Pitts tells us this photograph demonstrates an alarming ignorance of history on the part of our Marines. In this case we are fortunate to be able to see the photograph in question.

It is self-consciously posed in the style and spirit of

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GAYS IN MILITARY: In Vietnam era, Army made it work

There have been several responses lately to the challenge from one letter writer for the Marines to “man up” and drop their resistance to the don’t ask, don’t tell repeal. These responses challenge the right of anyone not a Marine now or then to state their views.

I don’t qualify either. I was merely an Army draftee, serving during the Vietnam era. But the Army then didn’t seem to have a problem with homosexuality.

I was morning report clerk for a headquarters infantry company in Germany in 1970-71. I typed up Article 32 charges for sodomy, pressed by German nationals

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MILITARY: Who says Marines need to ‘man up’?

Re: “Marines need to man up” (letter, 11-30).

Isn’t it great that we live in a country where the letter writer has the freedom to tell the Marines, who help preserve that freedom, to “man up” and accept the will of the American people they serve?

I don’t recall the American people voting on this issue, so I question how she is able to determine the will of the people. Until she is willing to strap on a backpack, grab an M-16, and put her butt on the line, neither her opinion nor my own should have any weight on

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