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MARINERS: Greedy owners need to ‘Spend Big’

The 2010 baseball season for the Mariners has mercifully come to a close. The 101 losses are just a statistic now.

I’ve read a lot of comments about why this team did so miserably when, at the beginning of the season, we were all told to “Believe Big.” Some insist it was a certain beat writer’s fault. Some think it was manager Don Wakamatsu’s fault, though he gave us a winning season the year before. Others feel it was the players’ underachieving that did them in.

I have my own theory of why this team had such a

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MARINERS: Changes just keep on coming

Re: the musical chairs/revolving door farce with Mariners managers and players (TNT, 8-10):

There are a couple of bumper stickers that might sell – such as, “Honk if you’ve ever managed the M’s” and “Honk if you’ve ever played for the M’s and are performing much better since you left.”

The resulting cacophony would probably be deafening.


MARINERS: Don Wakamatsu will be missed

It was upsetting to read the news of Don Wakamatsu’s firing (TNT, 8-10). He was brought in last year and with his direction turned the Mariners around and brought them up to a respectable place in the standings. He was praised for his wisdom and abilities as a manager. As fans, we were hopeful that this might be the year that we get a playoff berth.

Instead of supporting Wakamatsu when things started going downhill this year and attitude and behavioral issues started plaguing the team, general manager Jack Zduriencik and the rest of the front office decided he was

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MARINERS: Ownership pursues money, not winning

I’ve been a Seattle Mariners fan since day one. Watching them in the Kingdome, then at Safeco Field, I’ve seen Junior’s home runs, Edgar’s hits and Ichiro’s acrobatic catches. I’ve eaten more hot dogs than I care to remember. I’ve stayed a true, loyal fan hoping for another title and maybe even a World Series appearance.

Yet, I regret to say, I will take down the pennant that adorns my home office wall, remove the bumper sticker from my truck and tear up my fan shirts for use as cleaning rags.

I have come to realize that the front office

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MARINERS: Club needs to keep good players

I was very upset with your Saturday sports headline “We’ll miss him when he’s gone,” in which it is assumed that the Mariners will not be able to retain the services of Cliff Lee, just as they were unable to retain Raul Ibanez and Adrian Beltre.

In contrast, the Yankees have been able to easily hold on to one of the greatest relievers in the history of the game, Mariano Rivera, since 1995. It seems that when the Yankees get rid of ballplayers, it is usually because they want to, and often with the Mariners it is because they have

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MARINERS: Fair-weather fans no fans at all

As an avid baseball fanatic, I try to watch the game as much as I can, whenever I can. It doesn’t matter which team is playing, I just love to watch the game. After the World Series and during the off-season, I become depressed and withdrawn. I record games that I can’t watch during the season and avoid the results so I can watch them in the winter. I’m probably borderline insane when it comes to baseball.

I am also a fan of a certain team. It really doesn’t matter which team (no, not the Yankees!) because a fan is,

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SPORTS: Local pro teams continue to disappoint fans

Will somebody please stop all the bloodletting about our local professional sports teams, it is excruciatingly painful. The Seattle Mariners should be named the “Marionettes” because they play like puppets on a string and the Seattle and King County council should contact actor Drew Carey and tell him they will pay him money to relocate the Seattle Sounders out of State. As for the Seahawks, maybe Billionaire owner Paul Allen should just sell then now and cut his losses.

Oh, wait! Isn’t there another team that Sportswriters seemed to have forgotten about, namely, Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and the

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MARINERS: Leave player management to team

Since when have Larry LaRue, John McGrath and now “The Nose” been hired to take over the player management for the Mariners? Why are they all making so much noise trying to get Ken Griffey Jr. fired? Do they have superior knowledge, privileged information or pure clairvoyant abilities that make their somewhat pompous remarks about getting rid of Junior the only thing to do?

I thought news writers were supposed to be purely objective and informative, not trying to take over others managerial responsibilities? Though I have never seen the wisdom of paying several million dollars for a “club

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