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MARINERS: Lack of Mariners bobbleheads

I arrived at the Mariners game on Saturday night 45 minutes before it started to ensure I received a free giveaway Nelsen Cruz bobblehead. Unfortunately they were out, and the attendant told me they had run out an hour before I arrived.

There were 20,000 bobbleheads that were supposed to be given away. The attendance was listed at 40,765. Using simple arithmetic, roughly half the people in Safeco should have been walking around with bobbleheads. My estimate is 2 to 3 percent of fans had them. I looked for them all night but there were so few I probably only laid eyes on around 30

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SOUNDERS: Team worthy of more prominent coverage

Head to head, the Safe and the Clink, Friday night, downtown Seattle:

The Mariners (in the middle of a playoff race for the first time in over a decade) drew 29,090 fans. The Sounders (first place, U.S. Open and MLS cups within reach) drew 38,976 fans. Yet the Sounders merit a one-inch blip at the bottom of the front page of the Sports section, referring to an inside-the-section article.

What does it take to get a little more Sounders support?


SPORTS: Time to bring the NHL to Seattle

Re: “NHL fans, buckle up: Talk of Seattle team gaining speed” (John McGrath column, 6-17).

The Northwest is a professional sports area. We have the Seahawks, the Mariners and the Sounders. We had the Sonics since 1967 until Clay Bennett and the NBA maneuvered a move to Oklahoma City. They won and we lost.
The latest attempt to relocate a failing NBA team back to Seattle fell on deaf ears. Chris Hansen and his investment group put together an extremely solid financial package for the Sacramento Kings and a privately financed arena with no taxpayer money. What a

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HEALTH: Columnist has hits and misses

Re: “Why does health care issue make us sick?” (Peter Callaghan column, 7-12).

As par for the course, Callaghan’s column features some of the sharpest commentary around. However, I cannot help but quarrel with the implication that Rob McKenna is “inarticulate” and a “flip-flopper” when he says the individual mandate is necessary for now.

Of course the individual mandate is necessary for now. That’s how the system is designed to function. Whether you are for or against the law, have some humility about how it works.

What’s sickening about the issue is when Republicans cry “socialism” and Democrats counter

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MARINERS: Don’t give up on struggling team

Re: “Team’s disappointing – again” (letter, 4-25).

I have been a fan of the Mariners for 17 years. Winning is great, but I’m still a fan when they lose or struggle with new players.

I will continue to enjoy the ups and downs of the Mariners. The players all strive to do well and win. We fans just need to watch and support them, especially since we are only three weeks into a six-month season.


MARINERS: Déjà vu all over again

Call me a “glass is half-empty” kind of guy. Nevertheless, I hear in the distance the beginning of a slow drumbeat, growing louder.

Granted, the Mariners’ attendance is tanking; so how soon will there be whispers from management that the team might be sold (to local interests only, of course!) unless attendance improves, unless there are major improvements to Safeco Field, in order to increase revenues.

When no viable potential local ownership appears, the team will be sold, reluctantly of course, to out-of-state interests. We all remember the Seattle Pilots and the Seattle Sonics, of course. Are we being set

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TACOMA: Here’s an idea for the Dome

Tacoma is currently looking for a way to increase interest in the Tacoma Dome. With the current excitement about the possibility of the Seattle Sonics return, why not try to get a NBA-D Team here?

If you are not familiar, the NBA-D League is a farm team for the NBA. Many current NBA players once played there, including Jeremy Lin. The Tacoma Rainiers work here for the Mariners, why not a farm team for the Sonics?


MARINERS: Let’s honor the ‘Peanut Man’

Re: “Safeco Field’s ‘Peanut Man’ dies” (TNT, 7-28).

The Mariners are on my friends list on Facebook, and I could not believe how many likes and comments there were about Rick Kaminski. This very simple, honest, hard-working man has done nothing more since 1977 in his professional life than to throw peanuts to other people at baseball games (as far as I know).

Just reading the comments touched my heart as I thought about how much a person, considered to be so insignificant in the scheme of things, could have such an impact on so many people and touch

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