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TACOMA: Focus on potholes, not gay pride

Apparently Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland does not have enough city business to keep her busy as evidenced by her involvement in the Pride and Out in the Park activities for 10 days.

Pride celebrations are now part of the mainstream, so why is she so intent on headlining an event that is occurring with regularity across the country? More importantly, why is the rainbow flag the symbol of the LGBT community  allowed to be flown on a City of Tacoma building? This clearly opens the door for other groups to claim the same rights to announce their special interest events.

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PRAYER: Pat McCarthy right to attend event

I was heartened to see our Pierce County executive, Pat McCarthy, take a forthright stand in favor of civil discourse, tolerance of controversy and, as she said in welcoming the crowd attending Friday’s Pierce County Prayer Breakfast, “celebrating the power of prayer” (TNT, 5-3).

Her remarks were squarely in the great tradition of tolerance for all faiths that is the hallmark of our civic life together. This stands in stark contrast to the remarks of several Tacoma City Council members who, along with a few other finger-wagging scolds, suggested that attendance at a long-established community event implies endorsement of

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LAWS: Does writer support universal enforcement?

Re: “Attending prayer breakfast validates speaker’s beliefs” (Your Voice, 5-2).

Salvador Mungia evinces concern about Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore placing “himself above the law.” Is Mungia equally concerned when state attorney generals and other elected officials around the country who have sworn to uphold the laws of their state and the nation refuse to carry out the will of the people regarding same-sex marriage? Or is same-sex marriage an issue trumping all other legal and moral considerations?

Does Mungia ever allow himself to interact with those who hold different or even contrary views? If the answer

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PRAYER BREAKFAST: Mayor’s opinion isn’t very ‘inclusive’

Re: “Guess who’s not coming to breakfast” (TNT, 5-1).

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland said that the Pierce County Prayer Breakfast speaker, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, has a position on marriage equality that is inconsistent with her values and “inconsistent with our commitment as a city to be inclusive.” He wants to ban same-sex marriage.

How can the city’s commitment to be “inclusive” be based on her opinion? Yes, there are many who believe as she does, and that is their right to do so. There are many more – and I would believe the majority, if everyone spoke

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TACOMA: Workers need to have sick time off

I would like to congratulate Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s recent appearance in PBS’s post-State of the Union special.

Her statements in support of working families were on point. As she stated, “It’s a thriving middle class with the power to spend that helps businesses,” and “the best thing that we can do for business is to give them consumers with spending power.”

Strickland noted that more than 320,000 people in Washington now have health care, and “having access to (health care) can be the difference between going to a hospital and getting help, or possibly going bankrupt.”

However, 40,000 workers

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TACOMA: City joins others seeking campaign finance reform

On Tuesday, the Tacoma City Council joined more than 150 municipalities and counties throughout the United States by passing a resolution which states, in part, that corporations are not people with constitutional rights.

In this state, Tacoma joins Bellingham, Olympia, Port Townsend, Seattle, Jefferson County, Snohomish County and Island County in lobbying the state legislature to pass a memorial (formal request) to Congress requesting legislation to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010. A change will most likely require an amendment to the Constitution.

The Tacoma City Council members spoke convincingly on their reasons for supporting or opposing

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TACOMA: Proposal looks like smoke and mirrors

Re: “Tacoma plan cuts 217 jobs” (TNT, 10-3).

City Manager T.C. Broadnax just hired three people from Texas at very expensive salaries with moving costs and benefits. I suggest those jobs be eliminated. Those jobs should have been filled by qualified local individuals, not out-of-staters.

I do not support “a good old boys club” of Broadnax’s Texas friends. Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the City Council were not doing their jobs to benefit Tacoma and Pierce County by hiring out-of-staters for local jobs. Our unemployment rate is high, and I am sure there were local individuals qualified for those positions,

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TACOMA: Mayor should be held for treason

On the front page of the News Tribune Saturday was a picture of the Gay Pride Flag flying on top of the city hall building. Tacoma’s mayor was the one who led the countdown to raise it.

The only flag that should fly on top of any government building should be the American flag. What Mayor Marilyn Strickland did was an act of treason against the United States, and she should be arrested and tried for her her crime.

What other flag is she going to raise? She needs to be held accountable for her actions and apologize to

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