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TACOMA: Mayor’s pay proposal is disappointing

Re: “City may ask voters to choose: $12 or $15″ (TNT, 7-12).

Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s advocacy of a $12 minimum wage should come as a great disappointment to Tacoma’s working families. She has disregarded the advice of her hand-picked commission’s majority and has adopted an even poorer alternative.

Surely, having read Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickled and Dimed,” she should have greater empathy for those who work for substandard wages. Instead, she has chosen to champion those employers whose business model is based on poverty wages.


TACOMA: Where’s vision that we paid for?

What happened to the Vision For Tacoma draft that Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the City Council paid $350,000 to a Seattle consulting firm to produce? I have emailed Councilman Anders Isben and Strickland and received no response.

Our local leaders have set the bar at a new low in many areas, especially when it comes to listening to their constituents. I attended a City Council meeting recently and Strickland left chambers and did not return during the public comment forum. Fifty bucks to attend her “state of the city” address?

Now she wants to propose an $180 per year tax over 10

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TACOMA: Leave mandate will only hurt jobs

Re: “Council advances proposal requiring sick leave” (TNT, 12-17).

What Tacoma needs is for our elected officials to work on creating an environment for businesses to grow and be able to hire more employees. Jobs are desperately needed by many in our city.

There are likely few employers who do not offer sick leave. I have to assume that Mayor Marilyn Strickland is simply spending council time on requiring Tacoma businesses to give employees sick leave so that when she seeks her next elected office, she can claim she is for the little people.

In actuality, the council will be

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TACOMA: Don’t burden business with sick leave

Tacoma Mayor Strickland sees herself as the great social reformer. She wants to pass a law that would require all businesses to provide paid sick leave for employees (TNT, 10-28).

Why do city government officials think they have the authority to implement this burden on business? Tacoma does not need to follow the socialist governments of Seattle and SeaTac. The mayor and City Council need to remember that City Of Tacoma business is their task and not running private taxpaying businesses.

Get back to issues like fixing potholes, providing painted crosswalks, extending the Link light rail where its not needed, trying

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TACOMA: Focus on potholes, not gay pride

Apparently Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland does not have enough city business to keep her busy as evidenced by her involvement in the Pride and Out in the Park activities for 10 days.

Pride celebrations are now part of the mainstream, so why is she so intent on headlining an event that is occurring with regularity across the country? More importantly, why is the rainbow flag the symbol of the LGBT community  allowed to be flown on a City of Tacoma building? This clearly opens the door for other groups to claim the same rights to announce their special interest events.

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PRAYER: Pat McCarthy right to attend event

I was heartened to see our Pierce County executive, Pat McCarthy, take a forthright stand in favor of civil discourse, tolerance of controversy and, as she said in welcoming the crowd attending Friday’s Pierce County Prayer Breakfast, “celebrating the power of prayer” (TNT, 5-3).

Her remarks were squarely in the great tradition of tolerance for all faiths that is the hallmark of our civic life together. This stands in stark contrast to the remarks of several Tacoma City Council members who, along with a few other finger-wagging scolds, suggested that attendance at a long-established community event implies endorsement of

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LAWS: Does writer support universal enforcement?

Re: “Attending prayer breakfast validates speaker’s beliefs” (Your Voice, 5-2).

Salvador Mungia evinces concern about Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore placing “himself above the law.” Is Mungia equally concerned when state attorney generals and other elected officials around the country who have sworn to uphold the laws of their state and the nation refuse to carry out the will of the people regarding same-sex marriage? Or is same-sex marriage an issue trumping all other legal and moral considerations?

Does Mungia ever allow himself to interact with those who hold different or even contrary views? If the answer

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PRAYER BREAKFAST: Mayor’s opinion isn’t very ‘inclusive’

Re: “Guess who’s not coming to breakfast” (TNT, 5-1).

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland said that the Pierce County Prayer Breakfast speaker, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, has a position on marriage equality that is inconsistent with her values and “inconsistent with our commitment as a city to be inclusive.” He wants to ban same-sex marriage.

How can the city’s commitment to be “inclusive” be based on her opinion? Yes, there are many who believe as she does, and that is their right to do so. There are many more – and I would believe the majority, if everyone spoke

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