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POT: Federal priorities should be elsewhere

With all the problems facing the nation, I think that talk of marijuana legalization would be a complete waste of time. Every second spent on this could be put to many other, more important issues.

The subject of legalization should be decided by each state so the federal government can move on to more important legislation. I’m sure there are plenty of other “fires” around the world that need to be extinguished.

The government currently list marijuana as being as bad as heroin, LSD, Ecstacy, Quaalude and peyote. The list also says that marijuana is worse than cocaine, methamphetamine (meth),

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MARIJUANA: We’ve created this legal mess

It is no wonder our cities and counties are struggling to deal with the disparate recreational and the so-called “medical” marijuana laws presently existing in our state.

Partly due to the shortcomings of the referendum process, we have two separate state agencies (professional licensing and liquor control) and two sets of RCWs , and a void in regulation as to location and zoning (left to local entities) in this rapidly expanding enterprise.

Only a few legislators really have a good understanding that the “medical marijuana” side of the equation is fraught with quackery, black market selling and the economics of

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MARIJUANA: Nonmedical use risks outweigh benefits

Chris Crew, a pro-marijuana attorney, said more about himself than his opponents with the quote: “They’re losing out on the taxes. They’re throwing their economy under the bus for a political belief” (TNT, 2-28).

Apparently he’s motivated more by money than principles. People are cautious about the proliferation of nonmedical marijuana because the risks outweigh any benefit.

As a hospital social worker, I’m alarmed at the casual use by many pregnant women and secondhand exposure to children, as studies show infant and adolescent exposure increases the potential harm.

I think this is a social experiment that we’re going to

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MARIJUANA: Editorial resorts to hyperbole

Re: “A second chance to get medical marijuana right” (editorial, 2-20).

I take issue with a couple of statements in the editorial. The state of Washington adopted a law in November 1998 (Initiative 692), legalizing the use, possession and cultivation of cannabis for patients with a medical certificate. So using the word “medical” like this is simply an attempt to twist the law to fit your “opinion.”

The conclusion I take away from reading past the first paragraph is that yes, there have been abuses of the medical marijuana marketplace over the years. But remember, this is a market

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POT: Government study of drivers is revealing

Re: “Stoned drivers much safer than drunken ones, federal data say” (TNT, 2-10).

I find it very heartening that the federal government is starting to question its own decades of stereotyping. As it starts doing unbiased studies, it is finding that the ones in the past were very questionable, both in methodology and funding.

I know that this search for correct information will continue to debunk the government-driven stereotypes about marijuana of the past. Hopefully someday you will be judged on your ethics and abilities to get employment than what you urinate in a cup.


POT: Very educational about the recreational

It was with completely natural and unaided giggling that my fiancée and I walked into Mary Mart on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma to see what happens at a recreational marijuana store.

What a surprise to receive a sober, straightforward, educational discussion about exactly was for sale, what the effects were, how and when it was best to use the product and safety advice.

The gentleman who met us was extremely well-informed, professional and pleasant. Though I’ve always advocated for the legalization of marijuana, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be handled so professionally and regulated so clearly.

The number

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POT: Thurston County protects neighborhood

As a landowner in Thurston County, I would like to thank the Resource Stewardship Department and the county Health and Public Safety Department for their efforts in protecting my rights and the rights of all of my neighbors.

Recently, an unpermitted and unregulated cooperative garden/dispensary moved in next door and instantly impacted our rights as neighbors and landowners with an every Saturday market featuring 30-plus marijuana vendors, 300-plus customers, 6½ hours of live music, a smoking lounge, loitering and excessive traffic.

Can you imagine your new next-door neighbor doing such a thing?

As neighbors we turned to the county, discovering this

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POT: Recreational sellers should drop their prices

Re: “Medical pot so easy to buy that it’s drowning out recreational stores” (TNT, 11-20).

Comments by marijuana grower and processor Tyler Severy on the marijuana industry are a complete joke. He compares the medical side to bootleggers.

Medical marijuana prices were set many years ago to be able to compete with black market prices. Now recreational sellers expect to charge more than twice the price for the same product. Anybody with half a brain can see that won’t work.

Instead of demanding that medical sellers double their prices, it’s obvious recreational sellers should bring their prices down to what

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