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POT: Very educational about the recreational

It was with completely natural and unaided giggling that my fiancée and I walked into Mary Mart on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma to see what happens at a recreational marijuana store.

What a surprise to receive a sober, straightforward, educational discussion about exactly was for sale, what the effects were, how and when it was best to use the product and safety advice.

The gentleman who met us was extremely well-informed, professional and pleasant. Though I’ve always advocated for the legalization of marijuana, I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be handled so professionally and regulated so clearly.

The number

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POT: Thurston County protects neighborhood

As a landowner in Thurston County, I would like to thank the Resource Stewardship Department and the county Health and Public Safety Department for their efforts in protecting my rights and the rights of all of my neighbors.

Recently, an unpermitted and unregulated cooperative garden/dispensary moved in next door and instantly impacted our rights as neighbors and landowners with an every Saturday market featuring 30-plus marijuana vendors, 300-plus customers, 6½ hours of live music, a smoking lounge, loitering and excessive traffic.

Can you imagine your new next-door neighbor doing such a thing?

As neighbors we turned to the county, discovering this

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POT: Recreational sellers should drop their prices

Re: “Medical pot so easy to buy that it’s drowning out recreational stores” (TNT, 11-20).

Comments by marijuana grower and processor Tyler Severy on the marijuana industry are a complete joke. He compares the medical side to bootleggers.

Medical marijuana prices were set many years ago to be able to compete with black market prices. Now recreational sellers expect to charge more than twice the price for the same product. Anybody with half a brain can see that won’t work.

Instead of demanding that medical sellers double their prices, it’s obvious recreational sellers should bring their prices down to what

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POT: Tacoma fails to protect neighborhoods

I am disappointed with Tacoma’s disregard for residential neighborhoods and businesses in its handling of retail marijuana stores and medical marijuana dispensaries.

Why is Tacoma allowing a cluster of four marijuana sellers (two retail and two medical) within three blocks in the Sixth Avenue Business District in the heart of a residential neighborhood? Cities more respectful of their residents’ health, safety and welfare – including Aberdeen, Bellingham and Mountlake Terrace – limit marijuana sales to light industrial or industrial zones.

When the U.S. Department of Justice’s top enforcement priority is preventing distribution of marijuana to minors, Tacoma’s permitting four sellers of

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MARIJUANA: More dangerous items are widely sold

When you look at the information available, it seems there are certain hypocrisies  involved.

Cigarettes: The effects of cigarettes are well known. There’s over 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes. Smoking causes 480,000-plus deaths each year in the U.S. This is about one in five deaths. Smoking causes more deaths than all these combined: drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle and firearm-related incidents.

Alcohol: The CDC estimates there are 88,000 deaths annually from alcohol use. Excessive drinking is associated with more causes of death than what we tend to focus on. Alcohol plays a role in at least 54 different conditions linked to death.

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POT: Growers reject unreliable light source

Re: “Pot producers will strain Northwest power grid” (TNT, 9-11).

So, our economy must provide extra electric power to eliminate the problem of pesky intermittent solar light that limits the profits of pot growers. They need artificial light to stimulate photosynthesis 24 hours per day in a plant that, in nature, would get that stimulus only in daytime from the sun.

Will environmentalists urge even more generous subsidies for solar power to help provide this electricity (at least in daytime on clear days) at artificially high costs borne by taxpayers?

Will indoor pot growers also resort to higher than

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MARIJUANA: Has TNT gone up in smoke?

Because of The News Tribune’s superlative coverage of marijuana issues in the region and its gleeful embrace of the same, I suggest the newspaper be renamed The Hemp Clarion, or THC for short.


POT: Flemming ignored will of the voters

I was perusing the online News Tribune Voter Guide for candidates in my jurisdiction and discovered a misstatement by Stan Flemming regarding supporting or opposing the ban on recreational marijuana businesses in unincorporated Pierce County.

Flemming states, “It is misleading to the public to call the county ordinance a de-facto ban. I do not support a ban, as the citizens of this state voted to legalize marijuana.”

In fact, he not only sponsored the ban but also voted to override County Executive Pat McCarthy’s veto.

Flemming may use the excuse that it only prohibits licensed marijuana businesses from operating in

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