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TACOMA: Sixth Avenue is going to pot

Am I the only one noticing that Sixth Avenue is becoming a rundown, blighted area? Does anyone else notice the “new” storefronts with names such as “The Green Room,” “Mary Jane’s,” etc? These are all marijuana storefronts, and they are all moving in to the lower part of Sixth Avenue.

We have schools adjacent to all of this drug trafficking, and it seems to me no one is noticing. Upper Sixth Avenue looks so nice with its restaurants and Starbucks. Why is lower Sixth Avenue the designated drug area?


MARIJUANA: Legislature well equipped to tackle the dispensary question

Sunday’s editorial criticizing the Tacoma City Council for delaying closure of medical marijuana dispensaries (“The latest enabler of amarijuana industry”) missed the mark. Tacoma joins other cities and counties struggling to honor the spirit of Washington’s medical marijuana law, which passed with an overwhelming 59 percent majority in 1998, in the absence of a workable system for providing qualifying patients access to cannabis.

The Legislature will take up this matter in 2011. We have already passed two bills clarifying and strengthening the law in previous years. Both bills had bipartisan sponsorship and support.

The Legislature is well-equipped to tackle the

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