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ELECTION: Don’t blame me, I voted Republican

As I write this, they have just called the state of Ohio (the state where I was born) for Obama. I can throw up now.  But, it seems that the American people, at least those who want more of this man’s Socialistic ideas to come to fruition, have spoken.

You can thank the mainstream media. They covered for this man’s ineptitude and incompetence the last four years. Also, major newspapers and the “big three” networks seemed to think that the deaths of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, by terrorists, deserved little or no coverage.

I will abide by

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MEDIA: Liberal bias led to 2011 whopper

Re: “Lies, damn lies and the four biggest whoppers of 2011″ (TNT, 12-27).

The journalist did not pick the whopper of the year. I believe that award should go to the mainstream media for trying to convince us that the Tea Party and the Occupy protests were similar.

The Tea Party protesters were ordinary citizens who were mostly middle-aged or older. They wanted lower taxes, limited government and less federal spending. Their protests were peaceful and had few police incidents.

The Occupy protesters were mostly young people, uninformed college students and left-wing radicals. They railed against capitalism and the

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