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VOTING: Polling place is sanctuary of democracy

I voted for president Monday evening. I went alone to the darkened Spanaway post office, and I dropped my ballot in the mailbox. What an empty feeling it was.

Four years ago, I went to my polling place in a local school auditorium. The room was packed with citizens exercising their franchise in person. We all had to wait in line a while, but no one complained. Republican, Democrat, Independent – we were all united by our participation in the democratic process.

How have we so easily abandoned a 400-year-old tradition of voting in person? The polling place is the

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VOTING: County Council should heed citizens

Re: “Hands off our polling places, county tells state” (TNT, 2-2).

I was more than a little dismayed to read about County Council members using the language of demands – in this case, that the state stay out of the council’s business regarding the vote-by-mail decision.

I thought the council was constituted to do the people’s business, and while I understand that governments must sometimes make unpopular decisions, the council’s defiant retaining of polling places is both unpopular and unwise.

I say unpopular because the people have voted with their feet (pardon the pun) in favor of vote-by-mail. More than

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ELECTIONS: Time for vote-by-mail has come

Re: “Mail-only vote next?” (TNT, 1-13).

I admit that I got a little wistful reading the coverage of HB 1002, the bill set to be the final nail in the coffin of Pierce County’s tradition of poll voting. My parents took me to the polls since I could walk. I, too, registered as a poll voter, and remain one today despite our dwindling numbers. It still gives me a sense of civic pride and engagement.

Nonetheless, I applaud freshman Pierce County Reps. Laurie Jinkins and Connie Ladenburg for co-sponsoring HB 1002. Vote-by-mail is simply better public policy. Proponents point out

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ELECTIONS: Problem with mail-only voting

Re: “Mail-only vote next?” (TNT, 1-13).

There are two main reasons for voting by mail: It is convenient and it saves the state money.

Voting by mail is convenient if you have a stable living situation or are a homeowner. What happens to those voters who move frequently or who have had their homes foreclosed on, thus becoming transient? What happens to people who are homeless? Is it understood that they do not get to vote?

State legislators should realize they are making decisions that could formally disenfranchise a large number of citizens. They are elected to serve all citizens.

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