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MILITARY: Save some compassion for Bales, too

I have watched several local news reports on TV. It seems that our loyal press just can’t understand why a soldier may not remember his actions in a war zone. Four deployments to war zones in a short period of time could be a reason. A severe head injury while in a war zone could be another.

I have also noticed news agencies, including The News Tribune, have lamented about the poor care at Madigan Army Medical Center for post-traumatic stress disorder. Have any local news reporters been subjected to the same physical and mental traumas that this soldier incurred?

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ELECTION: A message from one of the 47 percent

We are the 47 percent of Americans Mitt Romney spoke about.

We have worked hard since we were 14 and 15. We paid into Social Security, Medicare, unions and retirement. We served in the Korean war ( on the front lines). We have a grandson in Afghanistan.

We raised our children to believe in God and in our government. We paid taxes, obeyed the laws, supported our church, schools, sports, foster care and scouting. (We have four Eagle Scouts in our family.)

We have multiracial friends and family. Our kids and grandkids went to college with loans and found jobs.

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PTSD: Focus on facts, not political correctness

We can look at Madigan Army Medical Center’s handling of post-traumatic stress disorder cases as two polarized truths: Madigan diabolically plots to rob deserving soldiers of their PTSD disability and anyone involved will dearly pay for their collusion; or that some soldiers claiming PTSD do not actually have the condition and do not deserve a disability and anyone voicing such a politically incorrect view will get hurt.

Regardless of what really needs to be addressed – the PTSD process – political correctness trumps all else. In this setting, good people trying to do the right thing are often made into

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MILITARY: Reversing PTSD diagnoses is wrong

Re: Army reviewing Madigan team’s reversals of PTSD diagnoses” (TNT, 1-28).

Shame on the Army, and shame on the Pentagon. They send our young men and women to nightmare war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, and when they come home less than whole they are accused of malingering?

These young people give up so much and are dumped out on the street without help like old used rags, in the name of saving money on retirement, health care, costs. This happened after Vietnam, too, but people just didn’t recognize the disease at that time.

The Army needs to make this

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EDUCATION: Tacoma schoolkids support young military families

Re: “Schools can’t afford to alienate volunteers” (editorial, 4-30).

While sometimes volunteer efforts hit snags, Tacoma elementary students are learning the value of giving back. Thanks to the generosity and love of books of students such as those at Grant and Mann elementary schools, hundreds more children of military families will receive a brand-new book the next time they visit their doctor at Madigan Army Medical Center.

That’s because the students at those schools and several others in the area participate in Scholastic’s book donation program, ClassroomsCare, which encourages students to read to help support families who have sacrificed so

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