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WALMART: It’s deja vu on ‘Made in America’

Re: “Walmart sponsors 2-day manufacturing summit” (TNT, 8-23).

In 1985, Walmart promoted that it supported American-made products on its store shelves. It even went to the factories and filmed commercials showing the American-made products and showcasing the workers. Then Walmart started buying more imported items instead. The companies featured in the ads, many of which had expanded to accommodate Walmart, went out of business.

It was just an advertising scam to lure shoppers into Walmart. The “Made in America” promotion faded into business history, along with nearly all American-made products sold by Walmart.

So, here we go again. Should

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ECONOMY: What happened to Made in America?

The Republicans blocked a bill to help small businesses borrow expansion money from small banks. The bill would have helped American businesses create American jobs.

We need the jobs, and the huge corporations are not only sending all our jobs overseas, they’re also applying for (and receiving) special visas so non-citizens can come to our country and take more American jobs.

Go to any big chain and try to find something made in America. Revere ware, KitchenAid, Black & Decker, Craftsman: all American icons and all now made in other countries. And good luck finding any bedding that’s made here.

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