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LOOKING BACK: Fond memories of Fircrest in bloom

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Looking Back photo (TNT, 5-24) of the 1949 Fircrest cherry tree planting. I was the little girl in the photo, and I remember that day.

My mother and most of the other women were the current presidents of the various Fircrest garden clubs. Obtaining and planting the trees along Regents Boulevard was a major project of the clubs that year, and the club members were all very proud of achieving that goal.

My three older siblings and I enjoyed growing up in Fircrest, and still enjoy the cherry trees, especially when in

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LOOKING BACK: Caption glosses over ugly history

Re: Looking Back photo (TNT, 5-17).

Really, TNT? The Japanese Americans “waited out the war [in California], their presence on the coast considered a threat to national security. The relocation was peaceful, with uniformed soldiers answering questions and helping with baggage.” This caption perpetuates the lie that the Japanese were sent off to summer camp “for their own protection,” and doesn’t relate the truth: they were forcibly rounded up, losing their homes and businesses in the process, and put in concentration camps by a racist government.

We in Tacoma need to come to grips with our real history of discrimination

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LOOKING BACK: Thanks for the memories

I was so surprised to open my copy of The News Tribune Thursday morning, only to see my third-grade class pictured in the Looking Back panel on page 2.

There I was, front row, third from the left, along with my other classmates at Parkland Grade School in 1958.

I don’t remember that particular day or the photo being taken, but I do remember the faces of many of my classmates. I’ve lost contact with them all, but seeing the picture made me wonder where they are now and if they are even still among us.

Thank you for bringing

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LOOKING BACK: Don’t perpetuate propaganda

We were both so glad to see such a well-written letter by the. Rev. Janet M. Leonard (TNT, 5-22) regarding the May 17 photograph of the four Japanese youth heading for an internment camp.

Imagine yourself being uprooted from your home, being able to take only a few thing that would fit into a suitcase and being moved hundreds of miles into a barbed-wire encampment. Would you be smiling?

If The News Tribune’s idea in printing this picture was to show a historical event, a shameful one at that, the very least you could have done is to have captioned

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LOOKING BACK: Please correct media lies

Monday’s “Looking Back” photo raised questions for me, but when I talked with members of the Japanese-American church I serve, my questions turned to both sadness and anger. (The 1942 photo depicted four smiling youngsters gathered around a radio on a train taking them to an internment camp in California.)

Some of my parishioners were on those trains that left Tacoma’s Union Station for Pinedale and later Minidoka Internment Camp. They went in the middle of the night, and no one was allowed to open the window shades. No one dressed in their Sunday best or wore big smiles. And

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