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MEDICAID: Care facilities need higher reimbursement

My wife and I operate a long-term care facility in Puyallup. We have 18 full- and part-time employees to serve 50 residents, 40 percent of whom are long-term mentally ill. We have been in business since 1982, and we have never been as concerned about the future of our business as we are now.

Our clients are often homeless and often have no family support. Without facilities like ours, they would be in hospitals, jails or homeless.

Our greatest challenge is our average reimbursement is less than $60 per day. The state’s failure to pay an adequate rate means the

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ELDERLY: Long-term care ombudsmen fill vital need

Recently, I spoke at a Tacoma City Council meeting. My topic was about the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program. I am currently working with this program in conjunction with my graduate studies in social work.

This program is vital to the health and welfare of our vulnerable citizens who reside in long-term care settings. By job description, an ombudsman is a companion, advocate, educator, mediator and broker.

Ombudsmen are independent politically and administratively to the facilities they are assigned to. Ombudsmen are resident directed – meaning they represent the resident and their concerns. While ombudsmen do not have the power

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