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LAKEWOOD: Some perspective on Lochburn’s students

Re: “Students’ behavior disgraceful” (letter, 6-14).

My daughter was part of the Lochburn Middle School group at the Tacoma Rainiers game. I’m sorry they ruined someone’s night. No excuse, but here’s something to consider.

The staff are hard-working, love kids and are good. There were nine adult volunteers. I know our kids aren’t like the kids in Gig Harbor. You’d be shocked at the number of single-parent homes. As of Dec. 1, Lochburn is 95 percent free and reduced lunch. Many have had a parent deployed much of their life.

That’s no excuse but gives some perspective of the

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LAKEWOOD: Students behaved disgracefully at game

My husband and I, along with two out-of-town guests, had a perfectly awful experience at the Tacoma Rainiers’ baseball game on June 7, courtesy of students from Lochburn Middle School in Lakewood.

All four of us are baseball fans, and we expected to be able to see and hear the game. Instead, we were surrounded by screaming, trash-talking middle-schoolers who paid no attention to the action on the field and made things miserable for the fans near them.

Two of the accompanying teachers can be singled out for failing to provide any supervision. Simple instructions from the teachers – about

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