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LOBBYISTS: Money seems to open doors

Re: “In Olympia, lobbyists grabs the tab – and the connection” (editorial, 5-5).

Lobbyists’ ability to access our elected legislators rings true for me; my multiple efforts to speak with legislators regarding bills (SB 5304 and HB 1408) that would allow digital billboards on our state roadways went unanswered.

Yet Tacoma-based Gordon-Thomas-Honeywell (GTH) – lobbyists for advertising behemoth Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) – apparently had much better luck. GTH, which has been paid more than $51,000 in 2012 and $19,300 to date for 2013 by CCO, managed to grab the attention of the bills’ sponsors when I could not.

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LOBBYISTS: Of course money can sway votes

Re: “$200,000 to entertain lawmakers in 3 months” (TNT, 5-3).

This one sentence becomes the main narrative of what lobbyists and Washington politicians want to leave you with and hope you believe it: “Both sides are adamant that there is no expectation that a dinner or beer will lead to a favorable vote.”

A person with just a sliver of understanding of how politics work in America knows full well the No. 1 goal of lobbyists is to sway votes. And within that sliver of knowledge is the understanding that those dinners parties and alcohol-plying, back-slapping get-togethers do in

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LOBBYISTS: State agencies lobby the Legislature?

Re: “Lobbying tab $12.9 million – and counting” (TNT, 4-22).

I was not surprised to learn of the amount spent on lobbying our Legislature. I was not surprised that the top lobbying organizations are the Service Employees International Union, the Washington Education Association and the Washington Federation of State Employees. What really surprised me was the fact that state agencies are now lobbying the Legislature.

If the state treasurer can’t understand “some profound issues connected to education finance,” then perhaps we need a new treasurer. If the superintendent of public instruction has to hire a lobbyist to “preserve staff and

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CONGRESS: Government is bought and paid for

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans, though ideologically different from Democrats, actually cared about the well-being of America. And Democrats in those days were more concerned with doing good than with self-perpetuation. But that was when some semblance of civility in politics prevailed (Joe McCarthy notwithstanding).

Our government is bought and paid for, lock, stock and barrel, by special interests, none of which has any interest in the general public. Whether repugnant arch-conservatives such as the Koch brothers, extremist gun advocates or out-of-control labor unions, they all contribute to our downfall.

Nothing will change until we limit campaign funding,

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