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LITTER: We’re awash in roadside trash

I may be just getting old, but my generation didn’t think it appropriate to just toss our litter on the ground. As a case of civic pride, it may be time to reinstitute an anti-littering campaign to a new generation that seems to need a nudge. Good leaders show good example, and we could use some of that.

In my younger day we had glass bottles for beverages that had a refundable deposit attached to the sale. Bottles could be turned back in for pennies. With the proliferation of plastic beverage bottles for every possible energy drink and even plain

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TACOMA: State Farm isn’t my good neighbor

While the City of Tacoma may have welcomed State Farm to the former Frank Russell building, it may have neglected to offer some housekeeping rules to the new inhabitants.

If you wander down A Street, past 909, you will find an alleyway overflowing with discarded cigarette butts and other litter from State Farm employees. Apparently State Farm doesn’t think it needs to supply its workers with a smoking area or clean up after its employees who choose to smoke in the alley.

Some will remember the jingle, “And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” State Farm is here

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LITTER: DOC cuts prevent inmates from picking up trash

Re: “We all can be environmentalists” (letter, 9-30).

The reason that the the Department of Corrections doesn’t have inmates pick up litter isn’t that “it is beneath the dignity of the inmates.” The reason nonprofits are no longer able to obtain inmates to do so many jobs that were done in the past outside the walls of the prison is because of budget cuts in the prison system. There is no longer the number of corrections officers and vans that can take the women outside the prison to do this work.

I now volunteer within the prison with these

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LITTER: We all can be genuine environmentalists

I read with interest a reader columnist’s piece (TNT, 9-19) about litter being everyone’s business. I agree with him that the perpetrators of our litter scourge will never read your op-ed page so have concluded the business of keeping our backyard clean is pretty much up to each one of us.

Envirocorps.org has developed a nicely organized way to do that by plugging in your ZIP code on its website (www.envirocorps.org) to find places to begin. Real environmentalism starts here with a pair of gloves and a garbage bag. The payoff is a renewed sense of pride in

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LITTER: Take fast-food garbage home

Whenever i go to a fast-food takeout window, I always end up carrying the wrappers, cups, etc., around in my car until I get home. Now I know that a lot of people do not and toss it out the window. I would be willing to bet that 75 percent of the litter on our streets and highways comes from takeout garbage.

I believe that if the takeout restaurants would supply a toss-in can just beyond the food-delivery window that I and a lot of my friends would use it. I don’t mean a can that’s five feet back

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