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POT: What about the downside of legal marijuana?

I commend The News Tribune for publishing a picture on Page 1 (TNT, 2-22) of Jason Gutz of Safe Streets. He spoke before the Washington State Liquor Control Board about kids’ safety with the coming legal production and sale of marijuana.

It was ironic that the headline above the photo and story read, “Pot retailers, enthusiasts speak to board about I-502.” I got the impression from the photo caption that Gutz might not have been the most enthusiastic person addressing the board last week.

I was disappointed that the article did not contain any details about Gutz and his

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I-502: Legalization won’t increase youth pot use

Re: “Juvenile marijuana use: The fatal flaw of Initiative 502” (editorial, 9-16).

I appreciated your editorial, which was generally very supportive of ending marijuana prohibition, but also made the flawed claim that doing so would increase teenagers’ access to marijuana.

As a former felony and misdemeanor prosecutor, I’ve seen how drug use has ruined the lives of many young people. I disagree, however, with your assessment that I-502 will result in increased marijuana use by youth.

Right now there is a total free-for-all out on the streets because of the extent of the black market marijuana trade. Moving to

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LIQUOR: Where’s concern for the employees?

With all the whining over the new pricing on liquor since sales in Washington state went private on June 1 and with all the coverage of the subject in The News Tribune and other news outlets, the one thing I have found not covered much at all has been the impact on more than 900 Washington State Liquor Control Board employees who were given the boot by this move.

How about a feature on what the loss of their jobs, their health and dental insurances, their ability to keep building toward decent retirements for themselves and their families has done

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LIQUOR: Seriously scrutinize proposed scheme

Re: “The $300M liquor plan” (TNT, 4-11).

How does a guy whose background is politics and government, who runs a business out of both a house and an apartment in Tacoma called Tom Luce Consulting since 2007, get so much attention for a scheme to make the state $300 million if it hands over operation of its statewide liquor-distribution warehouse to a private company?

According to the article, “If Luce’s idea penciled out, he or another investor could give the state cash up front and take a cut of the state’s $370 million a year in profits – in exchange

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