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FWAY: Ferrell best for strong mayor position

I supported the change in Federal Way government to elect a strong mayor and attended the debate between the candidates. I find it fascinating that both Linda Kochmar and Mike Park were actively opposed to the strong mayor and even took an official position by voting for a council resolution to that effect.

Now that the voters have spoken, they have both decided to run for the position, touting their experience as mayor while admitting they cannot run the city without the help of a professional manager.

Skip Priest opposed the first try for a strong mayor, but

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FWAY: Ferrell is the best choice for mayor

The News Tribune recently narrowed its pick to two Federal Way mayoral candidates: Linda Kochmar and Skip Priest (editorial, 7-23).

When I read that, I could only wonder if you’ve been paying attention and if you sent someone to cover the recent debate among the four candidates. If you had, you would have seen that Jim Ferrell stood out as the one who knew the issues.

Ferrell’s three opponents tried to convince the voters to vote no to even having an elected mayor. And yet here they are now, wanting the job.

I’ve seen Ferrell in action, and he is

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