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ELECTION: Kochmar has experience, integrity

Linda Kochmar will represent the 30th District with thoughtfulness and integrity in the state Legislature. Kochmar has been as an elected official for 14 years. Experience counts, and she has had to face tough decisions and vote what’s best for Federal Way.

Kochmar knows when an issue is to be decided that she represents the 30th District and is able to listen to all sides and perspectives. She is able to reach out and bring together opposing viewpoints and find common ground; that makes good government. Kochmar asks the tough questions that help clarify issues with facts and data for

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ELECTION: Kochmar best for 30th District

Linda Kochmar is our best choice for state representative in the 30th District. She is such a hard worker. I don’t think she ever sleeps. She is honest and trustworthy. If she says she will do something she will do it. If you have any questions about law or state just ask her and she knows the answer or if not, she’ll get it.

She raised six children to wonderful adults while holding a full-time job. She has risk management in her background, which is very hard to find and will be very beneficial. She has 14 years of experience

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ELECTION: Kochmar avoids taking a position

Tuesday night’s debate between 30th Legislative District candidates Roger Flygare and Linda Kochmar demonstrated clear differences between the two.

Kochmar, despite claiming that she would make tough choices, repeatedly said she would abide by the will of the voters on a wide range of issues. Apparently, she is unwilling to take principled positions on thorny issues, so one must ask why she wishes to represent us.

Flygare did not equivocate. His positions were clearly laid out.

Kochmar’s willingness to defer issues of rights to a popular vote is particularly troubling. Had the electorate been asked, we might not have ended

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ELECTION: Kochmar has experience the 30th needs

For 30th District state representative, three of the five candidates have no experience in government service, and running our state is not an on-the-job training experience.

Our leaders must make connections with state and national leaders; secure development funds for the Federal Way area; and deal with with government employees, regional transportation plans, and public safety issues. At the candidates’ debate, Linda Kochmar was the one candidate who told us of the specific problems we face and then described a plan, not some vague political doublespeak.

Kochmar got involved in Federal Way politics when our city had severe flooding in

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ELECTION: 30th needs Linda Kochmar to represent our wishes

It is so very important that we have a representative for our 30th District who is knowledgeable, caring, and has experience and integrity.

My longtime friend, Linda Kochmar, possesses these qualities and I know when we send her to Olympia, she will accomplish what we need because she is a wonderfully honest, hard-working person who really listens.

Voters need to research all the candidates and vote in the primary.


ELECTION: Kochmar has been a true public servant

The citizens of the 30th Legislative District have five candidates contending for House Position 1 on the Aug. 7 primary ballot. Like many voters this primary season, they will be choosing from many candidates.

How does a voter pick the right candidate and not some fly-by-night politician? Does one count campaign signs or pick names from a hat? I hope not.

Instead, one should look at the candidate’s contributions to the community, the people who endorse them and the respect they receive from their community. Check out their websites and listen to their speeches. Find out what motivates them. Do

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ELECTION: Kochmar best for the 30th District

Linda Kochmar, through her hard work on the Federal Way City Council, has supported many strategies in the interest of the business community. What has happened on her watch and with her support?

She has worked with Realtors and developers to facilitate economic development during stressful economic times. Her stance on the budget during her tenure has been not to raise taxes and to face the challenge of balancing the budget with funds available.

When two businesses were poised to close down under financial hardship, she supported reducing the gambling tax so the businesses could keep people in Federal Way

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ELECTION: Kochmar will ably serve the 30th District

Linda Kochmar, who has served as Federal Way’s mayor, assistant mayor and City Council member, has been nominated five times by the citizens of Federal Way for best city leader. Her expertise has helped Federal Way significantly. Nonetheless, it is time for her to take her leadership experience to Olympia and serve a great number of constituents as our state representative for the 30th District.

Kochmar will fight for jobs, local businesses, public education and for struggling families. A devoted and seasoned public servant who understands our needs, she is especially adept at building consensus and reaching out to voters

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