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TACOMA: Resolve issues at Lincoln High School

I read with concern that the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Education is investigating charges of discrimination at Lincoln High School first made public last September (TNT, 3-1). The Tacoma School District is labeling it a personnel issue.

It seems that the civil rights office investigation indicates suspicion that there is some merit to the allegations. The school district has mishandled this from the beginning. A punitive lawsuit was launched against the whistleblowers. No good faith effort was made by the district to investigate.

The lawsuit has probably cost Tacoma taxpayers well over $100,000 – an absolute waste.

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TACOMA: Lincoln has been making great strides

Re: “US to investigate Lincoln High after educators claim unfairness” (TNT, 3-1).

Unfortunately it appears we have three disgruntled educators at Lincoln High School who may be using their own self-imposed limitations as an excuse and reason to indict the Lincoln academic program for having higher standards resulting in better student results.

Thanks in part to people like ex-Tacoma educator Willie Stewart, academics have really improved at not only Lincoln but other high schools in the city. The Re-Engagement Center (recently re-named in his honor) is an option for struggling students who are too far behind to be given

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FOOTBALL: Is big money trickling down to high school level?

After reading the article about football coach Jon Kitna leaving Lincoln High School (TNT, 1-22), I’m having a hard time digesting the assistant pay issue.

This is high school sports, not college or professional. Coaches in high school coach for the love of the game, not money. After reading this, Kitna should be coaching at a higher level where money is available for assistants, and good luck to him in Texas.

I had the honor to play for some of the greatest coaches both in high school and college (Helling, Huard, Webstad and Marshall). I can guarantee you that they were

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EDUCATION: Assessing schools is a tricky business

Re: “State changes Lincoln’s marks to passing” (TNT, 6-23).

In April, Lincoln High School was heralded as Washington’s 22nd most challenging high school, based on the ratio of graduates to Advanced Placement (AP) course enrollments. Last week, though, Lincoln just dodged the bullet that is the state’s watch list of low-performing schools when it found enough clerical errors in its own records to lift Lincoln off the dreaded list.  Some 43 students were wrongly counted as not graduated.

Good for Lincoln – but not really. Schools are assigned to the state’s watch list for three-year rolling graduation rates below

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FESTIVAL: Adult error created Daffodil snafu

A News Tribune article (2-7) told readers of an “error in judging” that led to two students being crowned as daffodil princesses at Emerald Ridge High School. Puyallup School District officials attribute “an adult mistake” as the reason for this.

Unfortunately, for my daughter, this was not the case 11 years ago when an “adult mistake” at Lincoln High School in Tacoma cost her the princess crown. Before she decided to run, my daughter went to a school representative of the parade and was told that her GPA of 3.1 was adequate. But after she had been crowned, after

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TACOMA: 94-year rivalry goes Lincoln’s way this year

Several September events in Tacoma marked the 100th anniversary of Lincoln High School. The latest happened Saturday at Lincoln Bowl.

The first football game between Lincoln and Stadium high schools occurred in 1919, just six years after Lincoln was built. As a 60-year alumnus of Lincoln, it was my privilege to attend this year’s “Turkey Bowl.”

The interest has grown through the years to the extent that as many as 20,000 fans have graced the bowl for these rival teams.

Watching this game brought back fond memories of a tough Lincoln team of the 1950s with Luther Carr as quarterback.

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TACOMA: Family linked in to Lincoln High School history

Re: “Happy 100th to you, Lincoln High School and Abes” (editorial, 8-9).

Our Strobel family ties to Lincoln High School go back to 1913-1914, when Lincoln was being built. Our dad, Robert Strobel, was then 3 years old. He wandered away from home, four blocks away, to watch the construction of Lincoln.

Subsequently, he and his four siblings (Keene, Ben, Anna and our mother, Elsie Korpela), my six sisters (Sally, Betty, Robin, Carol, Sue, Janet and Julie) and I all graduated from Lincoln between the years of 1925 and 1967.

Robin was Lincoln’s first exchange student to Berlin in

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EDUCATION: Focus on manufacturing jobs welcome

Re: “Making a case for shop class” (Bill Virgin column, 10-14).

My son, just 21, participated in the welding program at Lincoln High School for two years before going on to Bates Technical College. Days after he graduated, he got a job at Vigor Marine and earns more than his college-educated mom who works for the federal government.

Being of the old school, we learned that manufacturing is such an integral part of our nation’s economy. I’m glad to see efforts to bring it back to the importance it deserves.