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TRAFFIC: Divert focus to public transportation

Re: “No fast relief for I-5 traffic nightmare” (TNT, 5-18).

Over the 37 years I have lived in Pierce County, I have read dozens of news articles about how just one more lane, or two, on the I-5 corridor will fix the traffic problems in the area. When will those in charge of funding transportation realize that well run public transportation needs to be funded and may actually decrease the number of cars on the road?

It may take time to build commuter train infrastructure but it is worth it in the long run. Providing good, frequent commuter trains

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TACOMA: Fix our streets

Yes, fix the potholed streets in our city instead of giving us an extension of the light rail!

I spend a lot of time in the Museum district and so have an opportunity to observe the current light rail car pass by. It seldom has more than a sprinkling of passengers occupying it.

Get our dilapidated infrastructure in shape before embarking on tearing up newly upgraded streets – at taxpayers’ expense – and subjecting us to everlasting potholes and disintegrating roads.


TACOMA: Where’s vision that we paid for?

What happened to the Vision For Tacoma draft that Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the City Council paid $350,000 to a Seattle consulting firm to produce? I have emailed Councilman Anders Isben and Strickland and received no response.

Our local leaders have set the bar at a new low in many areas, especially when it comes to listening to their constituents. I attended a City Council meeting recently and Strickland left chambers and did not return during the public comment forum. Fifty bucks to attend her “state of the city” address?

Now she wants to propose an $180 per year tax over 10

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TACOMA: Road repairs needed, not light rail

I am very much in favor of Mayor Marilyn Strickland’s plans to improve the streets in Tacoma (TNT, 2-25). It is not possible to drive anywhere in the city without encountering numerous potholes. I would also be in favor of increased taxes, if needed, for road repair.

However, it would seem that the tremendous amount of money that has been secured for an extension to the light rail (TNT, 2-27) would be put to far better use in road repair. I live in a condominium on Stadium Way; the traffic volume has increased so that it is sometimes

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TACOMA: Do residents really want this rail line?

Re: “Tacoma’s light rail could get $75M in federal funds” (TNT, 2027).

First Tacoma’s mayor charges $50 to hear how we are doing as a city and then asks for $27 million more to build light rail to the Central District.

Where is the public input? Because I hope the city has taken a poll of the number of people who want this.

And what about the folks living along Stadium Way? They just endured a rebuilding of the road which will possibly be torn all up again, wasting millions. I’m not so sure that Stadium High School will love having

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TRANSIT: Senate puts light rail to Tacoma at risk

Re: “Proposal to increase gas tax has momentum” (TNT, 2-13).

Pierce County voters should be aware that the state Senate is trying to put a roadblock in front of finishing light rail between Tacoma and Sea-Tac Airport. Funding authority for Sound Transit in the Senate package has been cut by $4 billion (more than 25 percent), which is enough to put the project at risk of not making it to the Tacoma Dome.

The state Department of Transportation says peak traffic now starts before 3 p.m. in Fife and lasts an average of four hours, with backups growing to more than five miles long.


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TRANSIT: Tacoma plan doesn’t further vision

Re: “The vision: Light rail throughout the region” (editorial, 11-16).

While reading you editorial urging completion of the light rail system to Tacoma and Everett (Lakewood also), I kept thinking about the current Tacoma segment linking downtown to the Tacoma Dome.

I recall reading of the recent public planning exercise that seemed to endorse extension of the Tacoma segment from its northerly terminus up the recently rebuilt Stadium Way to connect the hospitals to downtown.

Could the resources for this project be redirected to an extension from the Dome towards Fife, Federal Way and Sea-Tac Airport? A current project

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TACOMA: Who benefits from light rail route?

Re: “Stadium Way to be torn up again?” (letter, 3-5).

How do I, as a taxpayer, benefit from spending $165 million for this operation (Link light rail extension)? We have several bus routes connecting uptown with downtown, so why tear up Stadium Way, Division Avenue and Martin Luther King Way?

Just who is going to benefit from this? I smell a rat!