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TRANSIT: Tacoma plan doesn’t further vision

Re: “The vision: Light rail throughout the region” (editorial, 11-16).

While reading you editorial urging completion of the light rail system to Tacoma and Everett (Lakewood also), I kept thinking about the current Tacoma segment linking downtown to the Tacoma Dome.

I recall reading of the recent public planning exercise that seemed to endorse extension of the Tacoma segment from its northerly terminus up the recently rebuilt Stadium Way to connect the hospitals to downtown.

Could the resources for this project be redirected to an extension from the Dome towards Fife, Federal Way and Sea-Tac Airport? A current project

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TACOMA: Who benefits from light rail route?

Re: “Stadium Way to be torn up again?” (letter, 3-5).

How do I, as a taxpayer, benefit from spending $165 million for this operation (Link light rail extension)? We have several bus routes connecting uptown with downtown, so why tear up Stadium Way, Division Avenue and Martin Luther King Way?

Just who is going to benefit from this? I smell a rat!


TACOMA: Many questions about new light rail line

Re: “Board officially OKs route for Link expansion” (TNT, 2-28).

I would like to ask the City Council why it approved the proposal to run a new transportation system along Stadium Way.

Who would really use it? Did the council notice that the traffic all day is a very busy connection to major highways?

Is the road stable enough to handle more and perhaps heavier traffic? Is the road wide enough to handle rush-hour traffic plus an additional light rail line? Is it wise to run the system next to a large, busy public school?

Do the folks who

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TACOMA: Stadium Way to be torn up again?

Re: “Board officially OKs route for Link expansion” (TNT, 2-28).

I see that the Sound Transit board will put the extension for the Link light rail route on newly improved Stadium Way. The citizens are owed an explanation for why hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on a new road just to be torn up before it has had enough time to settle.

If the taxpayer-funded, newly completed Stadium Way is to be shredded, I want to know who would allow such a blatant waste of taxpayer funds.


TRANSIT: South Sound needs strong advocates

The celebratory parade for the Seattle Seahawks Wednesday showed how lacking public transportation is in the South Sound.

We arrived early for the Sounder train, and it was already over capacity. The lines for the Sounder buses were exceedingly long.

We drove to Sea-Tac and parked at a commercial lot. The lines for the Link light rail were unbelievable. The line snaked across the sky bridge and wound all through the airport parking garage to the other side. A man went to the front and asked people how long they had been waiting. It was over two hours.

The other

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LINK: Mayor should stand up for Tacoma

Re: “Link riders blast plan to charge passengers” (TNT, 9-20).

Only in Tacoma would the mayor side with an establishment board trying to extort more money from its underserved residents.

If the mayor of the largest city in the South Sound doesn’t support our region on the Sound Transit board, who will? It can only be that she has regional aspirations.

It should be easy for our mayor to support the current fare structure. Just have her pull out her calculator and add up the billions and follow the map, and it is clear to see we did not

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TRANSIT: Respect work done on studying Link

I concur with Morgan Alexander and Erik Bjornson that the Tacoma Link extension should focus on providing the highest possible ridership and mobility and should stay away from a politically motivated decision (Your Voice, 3-13).

Sound Transit figures indicate that a B1 alignment to the Stadium District and Sixth Avenue would increase ridership by up to 3.5 million riders per year. An E1 alignment to the Stadium District and Martin Luther King Jr. Way would increase ridership by a similar amount.

The B1 alignment on Sixth Avenue is a good choice for offering the greatest possible mobility gain for

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TRANSIT: Don’t tear up Stadium Way again

I attended the Sound Transit meeting concerning the proposed six new routes for Link light rail in Tacoma.

To my surprise, three of the six proposals used Stadium Way, now under complete reconstruction at a cost of more than $13 million. I am certain when finished it will be the finest, most up-to-date street in Tacoma.

If one of the three Stadium Way routes is picked, Sound Transit will move in and tear up our street with rails and overhead wires down the center. This should not happen.

My solution is for Sound Transit to give the $50 million of

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