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LIBRARY: Be grateful for right of access

Re: “Library defends life, liberty and pursuit of naughty toga parties” (The Nose, 5-16).

The Nose’s comments emphasize the fact that our freedom to access information comes with an equally important awareness of the responsibility of choice.

In that same library where “Caligula” was located were several computers with access to search engines and reviews which would provide the information to make an educated guess as to whether or not an NR movie was worth the watch. Based on the statistics provided by The Nose of questionable material deemed improper by a moral voice, several customers have already located

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TRANSIT: I’ve got mine, too bad for you

Regarding Pierce Transit’s reduction of bus service (TNT, 6-11), Royboy361 commented online: “I was tired of paying taxes for something I wasn’t going to use.”

What a perfect example of a me-first, me-only attitude. Should those who don’t drive cars refuse to pay taxes for roads or to fix the never-ending Tacoma potholes or to prevent our bridges from falling down? Should those without kids refuse to pay taxes for schools?

I never had children but I always supported taxes for schools because they are necessary for the good of society as a whole – as are bus service,

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TACOMA: Make cuts where most is spent

Re: “Tacoma may drop pothole project” (TNT, 7-12).

Given Tacoma’s budget, it seems unjust that libraries, human rights, community development and public works have endured cuts while police and fire departments consume the bulk of our budget, 61 percent, and “other services” take 20 percent.

Could money be saved if taken from where most is spent? We admire police and fire workers because they offer their lives in the line of duty; in this spirit, they should sacrifice financially. Despite their unions, they should show solidarity.

Also, the city needs to modernize its personnel policies. Employees who earn disproportionate

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