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ELECTION: Libertarian Party gains ground

For forty years, I’ve been an activist with the Libertarian Party – you know, the fiscally responsible, socially tolerant people, the people who want to get the government out of your your bedrooms and to take less from your wallets. And, for forty years, that’s meant year-after-year of waking up after elections and finding that I’m on the losing side of most every vote.

But this year – Wow!

  • Marriage equality (endorsed by the Libertarian Party) – PASSED.
  • Legalizing pot (endorsed by the Libertarian Party) – PASSED.
  • Charter schools (endorsed by the Libertarian Party) – PASSED.
  • Super-majority to impose new

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ELECTION: Don’t waste vote on the failed two-party system

The major party presidential candidates take basically the same side on most issues. They argue who will spend the most on the military, who will create the most jobs and who will give the most benefits to their favorite constituencies. Both want to increase spending and reduce taxes. Neither of them talks about where the money is going to come from.

Libertarian Party candidates Gary Johnson and Jim Gray offer a meaningful choice. They will bring the troops home to defend our country. They oppose bombing Iran, the failed drug war, the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

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ELECTION: Why vote for Gary Johnson?

America doesn’t elect presidents by popular vote. Instead, it’s done through the electoral college. There is no doubt Barack Obama will win Washington’s 12 electoral votes; even top Republicans admit ours is a reliably “blue” state, which is why we (thankfully) aren’t being bombarded with presidential TV ads.

Basically, what that means is that votes here for Obama or Mitt Romney are wasted votes.

Breaking the political stranglehold of D’s and R’s on American politics is essential to improving America. That’s so even if you generally support Democrats or Republicans because no genuine political debate occurs when voters are perceived

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MEDIA: Watch wide variety to get the truth

I am a Libertarian and like to hear other Libertarians on the news analysis shows I watch. The only channels that have any Libertarian speakers at all are Fox News and Fox Business Channel.

Judge Andrew Napolitano and John Stossel are two great Libertarian celebrities who often have on-air discussions with guests from Reason Magazine and the Cato Institute. Both are great Libertarian organizations.

Some people think Fox misinforms or underinforms its viewers. Those people criticize Fox for having a conservative (and somewhat Libertarian) bias. What these people don’t realize is that all media have bias in one way or

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POLITICS: Don’t waste vote on ‘lesser of two evils’

As the Republican Party draws closer to nominating a presidential candidate, Americans will, for the most part, sit back and allow the two major parties to decide the fate of the country. A common refrain from many citizens is that “my vote doesn’t count.” Well, we all know this isn’t true; look at the 2004 gubernatorial race, in which Chris Gregoire barely won (after a third recount) by 129 votes.

Those dissatisfied with the direction of our country and the current presidential field should perhaps consider a two-term former governor who advocates fiscal responsibility along with social tolerance: Libertarian Party

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