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RELIGION: Liberation theology label a good one

Re: “Religion: Glenn Beck did do his homework” (letter, 9-7).

The writer states that “Beck and anyone familiar with liberation theology know that the dominant principle involved is Marxism.”

No. Its message is a sound embrace of the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament prophets, briefly summed up as “God’s preferential option for the poor.” The architects were priests/theologians working among the poorest of the poor in South America and seeing their plight (and that of those of us who are well off) through biblical glasses.

I have read all of their major writings. I also had the high

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RELIGION: Glenn Beck did his homework

Re: “Beck needs to do his homework” (letter, 9-2).

Gee, If Glenn Beck didn’t do his homework, as the writer suggested, how do you suppose he managed to round up around 500,00 people, including 240 religious leaders of different faiths, to attend his “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C.?

The writer obviously did not do his homework, or he would have known what Beck was referring to when he made the statement in an interview on Fox News Sunday that people are not recognizing President Obama’s version of Christianity, which is termed “Liberation Theology.”

Beck and anyone familiar with Liberation

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RELIGION: Glenn Beck needs to do his homework

I would suggest that Glenn Beck do his theological homework before evaluating the quality of someone else’s Christianity.

The report on his assessment (TNT, 8-30) of President Obama’s faith as somehow deficient and a “version of Christianity” which American people won’t recognize reveals an ignorance of a very central theme of the Bible.

“Liberation theology” is a modern term for a theme at the very heart of the Bible’s testimony to the nature and activity of God. From beginning to end, the Bible shows God as an advocate for the poor, the powerless and those exploited by the powerful. It

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