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POLITICS: Liberals lost the ‘War on Poverty’

The protests and riots in Baltimore are just one example of failed liberal governance/policies.

Democrats have been throwing money and social service programs at poverty for years, and the poverty rated has not decreased. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s 1965 study pinpointed the problem: a breakdown of the black family. Liberals denounced him as a racist.

Recently, a letter writer (TNT, 5-6) asked progressives to apologize for their failed policies. His letter was called “openly racist” by another writer (letter, 5-9). It’s hard to accept the truth.

Without the minority vote, Democrats can’t win most elections so they continue on

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LIBERALS: They clean up conservatives’ messes

Re: “Liberals: How about an apology for failures?” (letter, 5-6).

Don’t blame liberals for trying to fix an economic mess conservatives caused. Most economists contend the problem with the stimulus was that it wasn’t big enough.

Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats got us out of the Depression by enacting big projects like electrifying the country, which set the stage for manufacturing jobs creating devices that made life easier. Later, huge highway projects moved commerce. Obama was stopped of all such efforts by Republicans.

Obamacare is a life-saver to millions. If we didn’t spend 43 cents of every tax dollar

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LIBERALS: At least we don’t live in Wackobirdia

Re: “Liberals: How about an apology for failures?” (letter, 5-6).

This letter was beyond the pale; it’s openly racist. Every city the writer mentions as being run by liberals has a large black population except one: Tacoma, which of course is led by a liberal, part-black mayor.

Apologize? You mean, like conservatives who apologized for the Iraq war? Apologize? Like the writer should for this racist letter?

He should show us liberals how, since we don’t live in Wackobirdia, and our responses are muted by the complexities of the world.


LIBERALS: We don’t need to apologize for anything

Re: “Liberals: How about an apology for failures?” (letter, 5-6).

I hope there aren’t too many people who agree with the writer’s apparent disdain for liberals. History shows us that to be misguided thinking.

Those who choose to make the word “liberal” sound like a curse word seem to forget that it was liberals who founded this country. It was also liberals who ended slavery, brought women the vote and won workers’ rights (the eight-hour day, weekends off, health plans, pensions).

Liberals risked their lives to win civil rights. It was liberals who brought us Social Security and Medicare. Liberals

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LIBERALS: How about an apology for failures?

I have been told by liberals that once our country is run by progressives everything will be fine.

Why is it than when progressives run things, very bad things happen?

Castro has run Cuba for more than 50 years. The people there are poorer now than ever. It is no different in Venezuela and Greece.

It seems that the liberal polices of forcing banks to loan to people who couldn’t repay loans didn’t work out very well. It also seems that the cities that liberals run – like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Tacoma and many more – just

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EQUALITY: The Declaration is a liberal document

I read Michael Gerson’s paean (TNT, 7-4) to the Declaration of Independence with bemusement. All he writes is absolutely correct, yet the biting irony is that this conservative writer entirely ignores the gorilla in the room. The “philosophical statement” that Thomas Jefferson injected into the Declaration is a searing liberal proclamation, slapping the face of conservative ideology, then and now.

That all men are created Equal, and divinely entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness remain the elusive goals of liberal ideology, while conservatives continue to resist the manifestation of these ideals every step of the way,

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POLITICS: We need to get back to true American liberal values

Re: “Obama wins, small stuff happens; Romney wins, it’s big stuff” (David Brooks column, 10-31).

Brooks champions political moderation. He notes that Mitt Romney has lately flip-flopped once again to pander to moderates (and this is why we should vote for him). Yet Romney’s latest etch-a-sketching notwithstanding, moderation is dead in the Republican Party.

Social conservatives and corporation conservatives have a strangle-old on Republicans, and neither tolerates the slightest disobedience. The SoCons want to drag us back to the 1950s (before civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, etc.), while the CorpCons yearn dearly for the 1880s, the Gilded Age

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GOP: Critic overcome by socialistic Kool-Aid

Re: “Republicans’ actions tantamount to treason” (letter, 7-9).

The sentiments expressed in this letter would be laughable if not for the fact he was serious. If I choose to vote for a Republican, I am guilty of treason? My treachery is blatant. I am even the cause of horrendous tornadoes, storms, drought and the death of many Americans.

Unfortunately, the writer and far too many others in our great country have been overcome by the intoxicating socialistic Kool-Aid made readily available by both political parties.

In his book, “You Don’t Say,” Fred Gielow praises liberals for being anxious to

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