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GOP: Republicans need to stop rationalizing

It is interesting to read how some Republicans keep rationalizing their loss this election. “It was Romney’s fault” (although my respect for him grew in the debates), “It was Obama’s slanderous attacks,” “It was the media,” etc. etc.

They fail to recognize that a majority of Americans do not want a party in power that denigrates women, which is not willing to embrace an increasingly multicultural society, which is riddled with racism, which firmly set its policies to deny Barack Obama a second term, which kept questioning our president’s birth certificate, which does not want to look at the Bush

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LETTERS: Writer resorts to personal attack

Re: “Cuts will affect infrastructure” (letter, 12-8).

The News Tribune encourages rebuttal letters to the editor. As with any letter, the newspaper allows writers to criticize but not with highly personal attacks. However, in this rebuttal, the writer violated that rule and misrepresented my Dec. 3 letter (“Obama’s the problem, not the rich”).

Is the statement, “Be careful what you wish for when you don’t think,” highly personal? I would think so. Please allow me the same privilege in suggesting that this letter writer check his arrogant, know-it-all attitude at his computer before he rebuts another letter.


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