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RELIGION: Candidate’s faith shouldn’t matter

Re: “A shameful notion neatly wrapped inside a ridiculous lie” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 4-11).

Pitts raised critical issues – the fact that some continue to falsely insist that Barack Obama is a Muslim, when in fact he is a Christian, and the fact that it shouldn’t be a problem if Obama actually were a Muslim.

Our founding fathers sought religious freedom in the United States, and freedom of religion has been one of the major strengths of our country since the very beginning. Our First Amendment rights are among the reasons people have sought refuge in this country

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MARINES: SS banner is gossip fodder, not news

In a recent column (TNT, 2-16), Leonard Pitts Jr. writes about a photograph of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan posing with an American flag. Beneath the flag is a banner showing two S-shaped lightning bolts, which 70 years ago was the logo of the Nazi SS.

Media mavens have decided that this is shocking enough to be newsworthy. Pitts tells us this photograph demonstrates an alarming ignorance of history on the part of our Marines. In this case we are fortunate to be able to see the photograph in question.

It is self-consciously posed in the style and spirit of

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