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MARRIAGE: The left reveals its intolerance

Re: “Marriage equality war is one GOP can’t win” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 4-9).

The totalitarian mind lives on, always insatiable in its hunger for final solutions. On the subject of marriage equality, Pitts admonishes recalcitrant Republicans to “change your stand, or shut your mouth.”

Can there be a sentiment more chilling and abhorrent to an American citizen? That’s it? Bend your knee to the seeming majority will, or cower in the corner in silence?

All Americans have the right to fully utilize all the constitutional tools at their disposal to advocate their positions on any policy issue before the

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FOX NEWS: Pitts seeks retribution against O’Reilly

I feel sorry for Leonard Pitts Jr., the nemesis of conservative news and commentary.

Pitts once again is attacking Fox News (column, for airing the story of former NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, who was caught lying. Now, in retribution, Pitts is trying to denigrate Fox newsman Bill O’Reilly, by accusing him of lying. You know the saying, an eye for an eye.

Let’s cut to the chase. Pitts and and his liberal followers just cannot face the fact that Fox News ranks highest among all other cable and media news stations in trust and viewer ratings.


FOX: Pitts rant reflects far left’s prejudice

The schoolyard rant (TNT, 1-25) by Leonard Pitts Jr. about the dastardly and evil Fox News is, at best, pathetic. He acts as if there is nothing salvageable concerning one of America’s most popular news outlet.

Fox, like all news organizations, makes periodic mistakes. Typically they are careful to check out their sources, but no organization is perfect. Fox readily takes responsibility for the few errors they make.

According to Pitts, Fox News is “the propaganda arm of an extremist ideology that spews racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, paranoia and manufactured outrage.” Pitts’ hatred for conservative principles, unfortunately, is widespread among

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SPANKING: Let’s nurture children, not hit them

Re: “I’m alive to tell you: Not all spanking is child abuse” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 9-21).

I think many are missing the point about spanking children, including Pitts. Whether or not you believe spanking is abuse, that is moot. Let’s talk about whether it’s effective.

Let’s start with the obvious. We teach our children not to hit, yet we hit them? New studies from two decades of research have concluded that spanking is effective, at best, in the short term. They have also concluded that spanking has long-term effects, causing spanked children to be more aggressive all the

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TNT: Krauthammer’s views provide balance

Recent letter writers have urged The News Tribune to stop printing Charles Krauthammer’s column, citing it as divisive and too strident.

Krauthammer’s views provide the necessary balance to the likes of Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr., who peddle the liberal media agenda. Newspapers not willing to provide balanced coverage of all events soon find themselves desperate for readers.

Krauthammer irks liberal readers because he challenges them to think outside of their boxes and comfort zones. Leave us not forget that he began as a liberal writer and eventually grew into his conservatism. Perhaps the disenchanted are afraid they, too,

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TNT: Krauthammer offers inconvenient truths

Re: “Krauthammer spews anti-Obama propaganda” (letter, 9-15).

How ironic that when Charles Krauthammer airs his widely held opinions of the failures of this administration and backs them with facts it’s called propaganda by the liberal faithful. Meanwhile Leonard Pitts Jr., while doing much the same in reverse, is sainted by the letter writer for being his personal mouthpiece.

I am a reader of The News Tribune and relish the point-counterpoint of discussion. Only real propagandists would desire to silence the other point of view as the letter writer  obviously does.


TNT: Krauthammer spews anti-Obama propaganda

Re: “Columnist offers ‘drive’ counterbalance” (letter, 9-9).

As is appropriate, The News Tribune tries to publish a wide range of opinion. The letter writer likens Charles Krauthammer to Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr. Here is why he is incorrect:
Undeniably liberal, Robinson and Pitts – and Michael Gerson on the right – are opinion writers. They cover a wide range of subjects. They strive for balance and at times even justifiably criticize the President.

Krauthammear is a completely different type of animal and certainly not an opinionist. Instead he is a highly compensated propagandist and agent provocateur

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TNT: Columnist offers ‘drivel’ counterbalance

Re: “Krauthammer is confused” (letter, 9-3).

The letter writer complains about columnist Charles Krauthammer and asks why The News Tribune continues to publish Krauthammer’s “drivel.”

The answer is simple: It’s to balance the double-barreled drivel from Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr.