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CARS: Museum’s displays have changed a lot since opening

I enjoyed reading the article (TNT, 6-1) about the one-year anniversary of the opening of Lemay-America’s Car Museum. However, I was not happy to read that “the car displays that filled the museum’s display areas at the June 2012 opening still are mostly the same” and “the cars (are) dusted off regularly but (have) not moved for a year.”

If the reporter had checked with our museum curator, Renee Crist, he would have learned that the cars on exhibit remained the same for about six weeks after our opening, and then began rotating and changing at a rate of

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TACOMA: Walkway needs a master plan

There are a lot of things that we can be thankful for as individuals. But as a city we can be thankful for the hard work of many people and agencies that had the foresight over the years to put together the different parcels of land along Tacoma’s waterfront called Ruston Way.

Their hard work has paid off. It is one of Tacoma’s finest jewels.

Now what is needed is that same determination to see their dream of a waterfront park/walkway from Point Defiance to the Tacoma Dome. The part of shoreline walkway from Old Town to the Dome and

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