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TACOMA: We’re not tooting our own horn enough

The Tacoma Art Museum’s “Hide/Seek” exhibit is “Playing on a level with Washington D.C., and New York,” writes Rosemary Ponnekanti (TNT, 3-18). Cool. But just a few days earlier, in The New York Times’ 40-page section on museums, TAM’s show was nowhere to be seen. Not hidden; absent. Same for the LeMay-America’s Car Museum June 1 opening, anticipated around the world.

Instead, the Times featured the Seattle Art Museum (showing Paul Gaughin art), the Denver Art Museum (Yves St. Laurent couture) and the Getty (an altar from Warsaw). All excellent shows, no doubt. But why are our cultural assets

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KALAKALA: Suggestion for a shiny Christmas gift

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a restored Kalakala, moored somewhere along the Tacoma waterfront, with beautiful Harold LeMay cars displayed on it.

Of course if you have time it would be nice to have some restored city buses, or maybe the old buses to Mount Rainier, transporting guests between the main America’s Car Museum and the restored Kakakala, all the while exposing the guests to some of the wonderful Tacoma history and current attractions.

If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, could you deliver some restored car dealership buildings in downtown Tacoma filled with more

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LEMAY: Design of museum is strange

OK, so Tacoma is going to have the most wonderful and largest car museum in the world.

Looking at the picture of the LeMay Car Museum on your front page, it looks like, let’s see… a larvae?


LEMAY: A blight on the Tacoma landscape

After waiting with great anticipation for the final design of the LeMay Car Museum, it’s hard to believe that the photos shown on the front and back of the May 29th News Tribune represent the finest rendering of our local architects. That hanger will be a blight on our Tacoma landscape, and rather than enhance the collection, it will be a deterrent to tourism.

We were hoping that some of the earlier designs that resembled the elegant Blackhawk Car Museum in Danville, Calif., would be chosen. It is deplorable that the city council will allow this ugly structure to represent

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